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I'm a Survivor; I'm Gonna Make It

Join our survivor pool!

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

ED. NOTE: Corrected for Greg's awful counting. No SECCG.

You know you've thought it..HOW CAN I GET MY HANDS ON SOME PIPING HOT RBR SWAG? Well, hot damn, this is your day, son. A wealth of booty is at your disposal, using only your noggin.

BEHOLD: the Roll Bama Roll SEC survivor pool!

Here are the rules. Your pick must be in prior to the first SEC game of the week. Yes, that's two days from now.

We know.


You pick one game per week, just the winner, not ATS. Here's the catch. You can only pick the same team once all year. The survivor(s) at the end of the year will some free RBR Swag, paid for out of my hardly-earned, and ill-gained salary. See? We make your dreams come true.

Picks should be emailed to with your pick IN THE SUBJECT LINE. If I have to open your damn email, you will be DQ'd. Life is hard enough. That's it. Get to strategerizing.