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Roll Bama Roll Podcast | Calling All Gumps: Episode 1

We're ready for our close up.
We're ready for our close up.
Mark Wilson

It's time.  We're debuting a new podcast series - Calling All Gumps (hat tip to CarrotTop4 for the awesome name).

We would like for these podcasts to be a bit more interactive than others you may have seen elsewhere.  We'll be posting the topics/questions that we've addressed in the podcast and ask you to answer along with us in the comments.  Then we can see where we agree/disagree and talk about that.

Also, if there's something specific that you'd like for us to talk about in an upcoming episode, feel free to leave that suggestion in the comments as well.


  • What concerns do you have about Bama's defense for this season?
  • Was there anything that happened in fall camp that surprised you?
  • How will the runs be dispersed between the available running backs?
  • How will the passes be distributed among the wide receivers?
  • Which team in the SEC will have the biggest improvement?
  • Who will win the West and the East?
  • What are your thoughts about the Virginia Tech offense/defense?
  • What is your score prediction for the Virginia Tech game?
  • What should Bammer do for his Hoodoo sacrifice?

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