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Check out The Key Play's Excellent Virginia Tech-Alabama Preview

Key Play logo and all work (c) their respective creators
Key Play logo and all work (c) their respective creators
French, Mason, Joe et al.

From outside the Mothership comes this excellent breakdown from The Key Play. Well worth your time and consideration as the analysis is on-point, smart and concise:

Alabama's passing game hinges on two primary concepts. First is utilization of play-action for big plays. Second, in 2012 Alabama loved to run a variety of "stick" routes, where receivers flood a zone with two routes on the same horizontal plane combined with a deep vertical route in the same third. This creates a "triangle" that occupies two defenders and leaves a third receiver open. This concept was discussed in detail back in May. Time and time again you will see Alabama line up with a tight end and two receivers to the same side. Two of the three will run what will look like curl, in, or slant routes at the exact same depth, while the third receiver or tight end will run the same route at a much deeper depth OR will attempt to catch the deep defender napping and run a corner, go, or fade route. The triangle will put tremendous pressure on the young Hokie corners. They'll likely be playing a deep third coverage. Alabama has talented and explosive receivers who can threaten the cushion of those young DB's, curl back for 10-15 yard catches, and then if those corners bite up, those receivers can beat the Hokies over the top.