Gameweek Eats ~ A weekly recipie for the Bama game: West Virginia Baked Beans

I'm sure everyone knows about everything by now so I will spare you the emotional regurgitation, but the purpose of this series is to go back and archive the numerous recipes handed down verbally or on a 3x5 card in handwriting that in most cases are older than I am. Not only does this share what I feel are good recipes but in the process provide an archive for these bits of history. Thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery and reflection.

Now I'm sure everyone is intrigued by West Virginia Baked Beans and you have variants of ideas in your mind varied from the location is wrong or here comes an animal husbandry joke, but let me assure you this recipe has yours truly sinning every opening weekend and most major holidays! The first time these were broken out was back in 1993 when Aunt Debbie married into the family.

This recipe comes from her grandmother and was a hit in Morgantown during football seasons and warm fires by the burning couch. She's still a huge Mountaineer and was bummed when they didn't start shouting SEC! SEC! SEC! during the last round of conference expansion.

Bless her heart.

Well, lets get our ingredients together before we really get started. You need to know what to grab at the store. Right?



1 lb dry white beans

1-2 oz salt pork

1 lb fresh sausage (go to the butcher, really. Not that Jimmy Dean sassage crap)

1 med sweet onion (you can't get Vidalia onions in Phoenix most days)

1 med bell pepper (I'm not going to judge you green pepper people. Really, I won't, but red is better and it matches a certain theme. Roll Tide)

1/4 cup Briar Rabbit dark molasses

1 cup dark brown sugar

1/2 cup ketchup

1/4 cup mustard

1 teaspoon Worstershire Sauce

1/8 teaspoon Salt (Sea salt? Please?)

couple grinds of Black Pepper (Fresh ground? Please?)

couple of dashes of pepper sauce (optional)

Prep: 20 minutes

Cooking: 90 minutes



I like to keep my kitchen clean.

Alright, we will take a small moment to discuss that I'm not about to teach any of you unwashed heathens how to cook beans. If your mamma didn't raise your ass right I don't know what to tell you. Read a book, an internet article, or better yet go back to your momma (if you still can, some of us can't) and spend some good time with her before you regret a decision.

Now if after that you're a cold hearted snake and don't call your momma you still got an out. Go down to that canned bean isle and get some white beans with pork and tomato (three 15 oz cans for this recipe), drop the salt pork and take about 1/4 tablespoon ketchup out of the recipe.


Girl don't play the fool - no. ~ via

(editor's note: this recipe was completed by the canned bean style after dental work an a psychotic episode, feel free to mock the writer in the comments below)

So you have your beans drained and aside (drain the canned beans peeps, it turns out really soupy without that play) get the browning action on your sausage, crumbling it in the pan.

Brown at a medium flame (or glass eye in my case) taking care to get it brown and crispy in a decent sized sauté pan. Once finished place the sausage to drain, unless you like to coat your arteries with paste. Some might even use hot water to assist the draining of the grease.



...cause a man needs to rinse his food off. And then nuke it. Thanks, Alton.

Might not be a bad idea to get the oven up to 350 degrees at this point.

Get the veggies and have a medium dice going on those babies and place them in a mixing bowl with your beans and sausage. Add the molasses and brown sugar, all the wet ingredients (you will appreciate a couple of dashes of pepper in the beans unless you're allergic) and mix well until combined.

Get out a quart pyrex bowl and place the combined ingredients into it and gently place that thing in the oven. Do not throw the thing in. It will not survive the impact with the back of the oven. What? What anger issues? Why? No reason? Okay.


via pyrex dishes were destroyed in making this article. Almost, though...

The lawyers have explained we shouldn't expound on the issue.

Back to our programming.

You're going to keep a watch over this vessel at about 45-60m in to mix the ingredients in the bowl. You're trying to prevent burning on the bottom with all that sugar in there and the beans resting on the glass. Then it's another 15-30m and you're just moments away from eating some sweet beans.

Let them rest a bit, 15 to 20 minutes is where I'm comfortable, and then serve. Watch the table praise your cooking exploits.



And you don't have to tell them I came to dinner with you.

Roll Tide!

All calories consumed and weight gained are the responsibility of the reader, and the reader accepts such responsibility upon execution of this recipe...

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