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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread │Oatmeal and Miley Cyrus

Your 2013 RBR Sweetheart, Kaley Cuoco. You're welcome.

For our RBR newbs, Friday Hoodoo is a sacred event that dates back to 2007. It is our weekly attempt to curry favor with the Football Gods by admitting our moral, intellectual, and cultural shortcomings in a very public manner. In plain English, along with our Sweetheart submission, we tell embarrassing stories from our past in hope that Alabama gets a W.


1. Embarrassing Admission. This is the classic and most used sacrifice. We have all done some stupid things over the years and the internet is the perfect venue for spilling the beans.

2. Eat something horrible or disgusting. The gods love physical sacrifice and what better way to show your dedication then by eating something that may lead to a trip to the ER? (by reading this you absolve RBR and SBNation of any liability for medical expenses related to or caused by your hoodoo)

This week our opponent is Virginia Tech and even though nearly everyone, including Va Tech professors, are predicting a blowout, our hoodoo is no less important. Typically speaking, the level of hoodoo is based on one's personal fear of an upset. For instance, for SEC Championships, National title games, LSU and more than likely A&M this year, our sacrifices will be far greater than say for Kentucky (sorry Cats). However, this is week one and far be from me to tempt the fate of the gods.

Below you will find my submissions (yes I have two). I originally planned on singing some stupid song but Slice convinced me to double down and eat some oatmeal. Why oatmeal? Well, go read this (yes that is me at the top) and then read this. Oh, and I don't typically sit around in a wife beater and a 'Bama hat singing Miley Cyrus songs but it adds to the misery/ embarrassment.

We better win by 50, Roll Tide.

For your viewing pleasure...