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The "Jumbo" Jumbo Package | 08.05.13

Your daily dose of Tide news and quotes.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, folks. There's been a ton of news in the last three days since camp opened, so we're going to super size today's jumbo package to catch us up on all the Bama happenings.

Oh, yeah. Before we get going, I guess I have to mention this little thing...

NCAA probe of Johnny Manziel raises questions about amateurism rules | Yahoo

The NCAA is investigating Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner, for accepting "a five-figure flat fee" for signing photos and memorabilia, ESPN reported Sunday.

The network cited anonymous sources who witnessed the January 2013 signings that took place in South Florida but did not see the cash exchange. It also noted that online sales of signed Manziel photos show a lot of 999 sequentially numbered items. Industry insiders said that is a sign they were done in large bunches, and not just fans reselling items they coincidentally had the redshirt sophomore quarterback autograph.

When I heard this news, I could only shake my head and say, "this freaking guy..." At this point, there is absolutely nothing concrete to this case, and there's no reason to think that anything will come of this. My offseason has already had too much JFF, so let's stick to Bama news, m'kay? BAMA NEWS DUMP: ENGAGED

Alabama practice report: In first look at many freshmen, Foster stands out, and so does Foster |

  • Robert Foster is a brand new arrival, but you’d never know. He looks like the second coming of Julio Jones, and not just because of the No. 8 on his jersey. This Foster is 6-foot-3, 187 pounds. Jones was 6-4, 210 as a freshman. Foster is quick and fast. He makes sharp cuts, and he seems to have good hands. What more do you want? He will need time to learn to block the way it’s taught at Alabama, but we’re guessing he will catch on quickly.
  • Derrick Henry is a big running back who was impressive in the spring as an early enrollee before he broke his leg and missed the A-Day Game. You’d never know he was injured the way he is running in drills.

Second coming of who now? Is it crazy to think that before the decade is out, we'll have three solid contenders for "Best Bama Wide Receiver of all time" basically playing in succession? I'll admit, I had heard the hype about Robert Foster, but I thought he would struggle to find a meaningful role, given the depth we have. Now I'm not having to suppress my expectations about him being an Amari clone on the opposite side of the field.

Back at No. 1, Alabama does its best to ignore pressure-packed preseason ranking |

"I try not to listen to any of that stuff," offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio said. "I don’t want to watch ESPN. I don’t do none of that because pride comes before the fall. We just need the same attitude that we have been having for years – that we haven’t accomplished anything.

"It’s a brand new team, it’s a brand new year."

Guys, I need to admit something. I'm beginning to have trouble maintaining control of my raging gump-itis. Hearing players talk like this isn't helping matters. If this team can stay focused and hungry, there isn't a team in the country that can stop them.

Check out the freshman RBs as Alabama's newcomers start preseason camp (video) |

Nothing to quote here, just go look a the video to see the new guys in action. You back? DERRICK HENRY, Y'ALL. I still have no idea which (if any) of the other three will redshirt, but now I'm even more looking forward to Henry wrecking fools in a little over three weeks.

Alabama unveils heights, weights of newcomers; adds handful of notable walk-ons |

The ones that stuck out to me:

2 - LB Reuben Foster; 6-1, 244
3 - RB Derrick Henry; 6-3, 238
19 - DB Jai Miller; 6-3, 213

Saturday Practice Report |

Jalston Fowler, who is working at both H-back and running back, is running well. He's still wearing a brace on his surgically repaired left knee, indicating that his recovery remains ongoing, but he looks healthy enough to play

Bring on that FOWLER BOOM TRAIN.

Alabama Jack LB Denzel Devall is 'probably going to be a starter this year,' Xzavier Dickson says |

"Devall's a great player, a young player," Dickson said of the 6-2, 250-pound sophomore. "He's going to be real good. He's probably going to be a starter this year. He's a real good player. ... It's going to be a rotation between the two of us."

Nico Johnson making impression at Kansas City Chiefs' training camp

The Kansas City Star reported: "One of the stars of the Saturday practice was rookie linebacker Nico Johnson. Drafted in the fourth round to be a run-stuffer, Johnson on a couple of different plays did that well. First, he not only stuffed 225-pound runner Knile Davis but also drove Davis backward. Later, Johnson did the same against Jamaal Charles."

Ha. Stuffing Knile Davis just like the good ol' days. Get that paper, Nico.

Five Star Defensive End Da'Shawn Hand has set a date for his commitment announcement:

Finally, here's some footage from Sunday's Fan Day practice: