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Roll Bama Roll Refresher/Starter's Guide

Alright, folks. It won't be long now that we'll walk out of our houses in the morning to find that the air is cool and crisp, the trees are golden, and we'll bask in the beautiful glow of football weather. Considering this time of year will inevitably see the return of regulars that fell off during the offseason, and an ever-increasing influx of newcomers (if Google analytics are to be trusted), I figured now is as good a time as ever to revisit the rules of our blog.

We'll let this serve both as a welcome/introductory post for newcomers and familiar faces alike. If you're new to the blog, welcome. We hope you'll find the content here humorous, insightful, and engaging. We also encourage you to try to jump into the comment section whenever possible. It's not uncommon at all to see some really good football discussions in the comments, so if you're skipping those, you're missing half the fun. If you are new, feel free to introduce yourself here in this thread.

Our house rules are pretty simple:

  • Cussing - you're unlikely to get banned for occasional usage, but try to keep it to a minimum. Also, I would encourage you to just star out a letter or two. I think this straddles the line between censorship and free reign nicely. The exception to this rule is game day open threads. On those threads, the gloves come off and pretty much anything is fair game.

  • Pics and GIFs (hard "g" or GTFO). WE used to have a rule about not using GIFs in threads, but this ain't yer Pappy's Roll Bama Roll. USE 'EM. No nudity. And think of this one as the inverse of the cussing rule - don't use them in the game day threads. Those threads just get too much traffic and will bog down and be rendered useless if we try to post GIFs in them.

  • No fanposts for advertising or ticket sales.

  • Be excellent to each other. We'll have disagreements, but personal attacks/name calling have no place here. Same goes for intolerant or prejudiced comments. In addition to the house rules, we'd prefer you don't go around to other blogs acting like a jackass. You won't get banned here just because you are banned somewhere else, but we see that information on your account and it will certainly color how you're perceived and may result in less leniency if your negative behavior looks like a trend.

And that's pretty much it for the rules. The other part of our welcoming is helping any newcomers understand our "inner circle" lingo. These are different sayings you'll hear in passing. Study up, and you'll be ahead of the game when diving into the comments:

  • Jasands - this was named after RBR legend Jasands50, who had a difficult time learning how the reply system worked when he first started commenting. A Jasands occurs when you inadvertently type your response to another person's comment in the "new comment" spot and it shows up at the bottom of the thread.
  • Loophole acronyms - back when the Cam Newton investigation blew up, many discussions were had about loopholes. Out of those discussions, we gained several acronyms - SLAL (Sounds Like a Loophole), SLAP (Sounds Like a Poophole), ANAL (I don't even think this one stands for anything, we're just a bunch of overgrown idiot 12 year olds.)
  • Blame Todd - this is a reference to our old leader Todd, who we would blame for everything
  • TWSS - That's What She Said (again, we are overgrown idiot 12 year olds).
  • Sarcasm font - If you see someone using a different font, it is almost certainly the sarcasm font. You can use the sarcasm font by typing @ before and after the text that you want to look sarcastic. This only works in the body of the comment, not in the title
  • We'll let the comment section of this thread serve as an explanation on any others I can't recall.