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The Jumbo Package | 08.07.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

I hear that train a-comin'....
I hear that train a-comin'....
Greg McWilliams

PHOTO: Alabama recruiting pitch is all about the NFL benjamins | CBS Sports

On one end of the recruiting spectrum, you have a coach and a program like James Franklin and Vanderbilt. The Commodores bang the drum -- and bang it repeatedly -- that the overwhelming majority of even SEC-caliber players never see a dime of NFL money, and that a quality education should be, has to be, the primary factor in choosing a college football program.

And on the other end of that spectrum, you have Alabama . If the NCAA wants to tell you that most of its athletes go pro in something other than sports, the Crimson Tide wants to tell its recruits that, well, they won't have to. Via ABC 33/40, a mailer Nick Saban and Co. are sending to recruits:

I freaking love this:


via Alabama Athletics

Fully recovered from knee injury, proud father Jalston Fowler ready to boost Alabama offense |

"It was OK," the former Vigor High star said during Sunday's Alabama Fan Day. "Around that time, my girlfriend was pregnant and I wanted to be there for her. That injury helped me be there for her."

Jalston Fowler Jr. was born March 22.

"We call him Toodie," Fowler said, beaming with pride.

FOWLER BOOM TRAIN IN 2031, Y'ALL. I'm ready to see ol' 45 out there doing work.

Nudie. Tudie. Whop bopaloo bop a whop bam boom.

Former Alabama LB Jerrell Harris signs with San Diego Chargers |

The San Diego Chargers have signed former Alabama linebacker Jerrell Harris to a free-agent deal, according to

If there's one thing we know about Jerrell, it's that he doesn't have any quit in him. Best of luck to him as he tries to turn this stint into a full time gig.

'I'm just determined to make it my year,' Alabama senior cornerback John Fulton says |

"I’m just trying to work harder than anybody," he said. "If anybody asks for extra work, I’m right there with them. Extra film work with the younger guys. I’m just trying to do everything the right way. Getting bigger. Getting stronger. Getting faster."

Those are the words of a hungry man with fire in his eyes. Between these reports and the positive reports leaking out of practices about Cyrus Jones, I think I'm officially comfortable with our defensive back field. I have this nagging suspicion that this defense is going to be ridiculously good. People aren't going to know what hit them.

Tuesday Practice Report -

The team practiced indoors yesterday. They will have full-squad practice twice today, marking the first two-a-day of fall camp. Injury updates - running back T.J. Yeldon had his hand taped up with an apparent thumb injury Reuben Foster still had his hand taped up, but participated fully. Deion Belue (who only observed drills on Monday due to a left hamstring issue) participated fully. Similarly, Jeoffrey Pagan participated fully on yesterday, after limited participation on Monday due to a left knee injury.

Here are some video links:

Running backs

Offensive Line

Cyrus Jones - Word is Cyrus is killing it out there in practice. Watching this video, he certainly looks the part.