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The Jumbo Package | 08.08.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Look on, ye mighty, and despair.
Look on, ye mighty, and despair.

Colorado receiver shows off Wild Thing haircut before Buffaloes' first practice | Yahoo Sports

Yes. This. If college kids are going be reckless, let them do it in awesome ways like this.

Dee Milliner to start for Jetst | ESPN

On the first day Milliner put on pads, he was on the field with the first team. Since then he has shown he can compete there, and the Jets' first depth chart had Milliner over Wilson.

No surprise here. You don't spend a first round pick and a boatload of money on a guy at a position of need unless you plan on him playing. Still, Dee probably has one of the steepest climbs of any of the Bama guys that got drafted, given he's effectively replacing the best cornerback in the game (no matter what Rex Ryan says).

Mike Johnson Is Injured. What Will The Falcons Do Now? | Falcoholic

Hate to hear this for Mike, who was an offensive lineman at Bama from 06-09. Hope he recovers quickly.

Joel Caleb Announces He Will Be Suspended Against Alabama For Breaking A Team Rule | Gobbler Country

Redshirt-freshman wide receiver and recently tailback Joel Caleb, the Hokies top recruit in 2012, has announced that he violated a team rule and will not play against Alabama.

Geez. Another day, another Hokie that won't be making the field on August 31. We just found out that VT will already be short their most veteran cornerback, and now it seems they'll be missing an offensive threat as well. Take the over, folks.

Alabama defensive lineman Dakota Ball undergoes emergency appendectomy |

"Dakota Ball was not at practice today due to a non-football related medical issue," Saban said in a university statement. "Evaluation by our team physicians determined the need for an appendectomy and he underwent successful surgery this afternoon. We'll continue to monitor his progress and we expect him to make a full recovery."

Dakota is a backup nose tackle that was likely going to see the field this year, if only in mop up duty. No timetable has been given for his recuperation, but let's hope for a speedy recovery.

Cruisin' for a bruisin': It's the T.J. Yeldon way |

"I’d rather run over them," he said with a grin. "Because if you keep running them over, eventually it’ll break them down, and then they won’t be coming as hard the next time."

The emphasis on hitting opposing defenses has been evident going all the way back to '08, and there really is no debating the effectiveness of the strategy. It's funny how cohesive the entire mentality and strategy of the team is. You punch the guy in the mouth. If he gets up, you punch him in the mouth again. Eventually, he decides it's not worth it to try, or becomes incapable of stopping you.


Practice report - two sessions yesterday. One practice today, then another two-a-day tomorrow, followed by the first scrimmage of fall camp on Saturday. Not much to report from the morning practice yesterday. No real injuries to note (other than the previously mentioned injury to Dakota Ball). The only real development of note from the evening practice was that Geno Smith was seen participating in drills with the safeties, presumably due to his hybrid responsibilities when playing the "star" position. After today's practice, Saban will hold a press conference, we will have a post up recapping that as soon as video is made available.


Amari Cooper - Last name ever. First name greatest.

Kenyan Drake - Drake is looking good. He looks about as big as Yeldon, and quick as ever.

Footage from Wednesday morning's practice:

And, finally, the countdown. Hurry your bounty onto us, football gods. Amen.