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SEC Power Poll: Week 2

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SEC Power Poll: Week 2. Head over to Team Speed Kills for the complete ballot.

We didn't forget you were in the SEC, Mizzou.
We didn't forget you were in the SEC, Mizzou.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. Alabama: Only time will tell the ceiling on this team. That time is Saturday in College Station.

2. Georgia: Offense looked crisp in an absolute evisceration of South Carolina's vaunted defense. Then again, offense has never been Georgia's problem.

3. LSU: There are some weaknesses on this team to be sure. The difference this year is that an offense may compensate for them.

4. USC: Secondary was lackluster, and linebackers had a poor game. But any offense that can hang with Georgia is still a legitimate threat.

5. Texas A&M: The offense is what we thought. Unfortunately, so is that defense. This team will struggle in division play.

6. Florida: One of the very best defenses in football is being squandered by boneheaded coaching and a worse offense.

7. Ole Miss: Injuries, arrests already piling up. That said, they very well are capable of lighting Texas up and making Bo Wallace a household name.

8. Auburn: Two wins in two different fashions against two possible bowl teams. Hard to ignore the effect of coaching here.

9. Tennessee: Tennessee can run the ball again. Poor pass rush and weak linebacker play disguised by eleven thousand WKU turnovers.

10. Arkansas: Team took a step back against Samford. As expected, Year One of Bielema will having some growing pains while generally moving forward.

11. Missouri: How do you evaluate a team that plays no one OOC and which the media seems to forget is in the SEC?

12. Mississippi State: We still don't know how good or bad this team is. The bellwether game against Auburn will tell us a lot about both teams.

13. Vanderbilt: Yes, they lost a shootout to Ole Miss. Given the general improvement of the offenses in the East, this will be a trend for 2013.

14. Kentucky: Looked awful against WKU; looked dominant against Miami-OH. Big test against rival Louisville will tell us which is closer to the real Kentucky.