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RBR Podcast | Calling All Gumps: Episode 3

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The world is listening... apparently.
The world is listening... apparently.
Patrick Smith

How many pods would a podcast cast if a podcast could cast pods? It's time for podcast.

This week, Slice played hooky, and CB969 makes a guest appearance.

Let us know in the comments where we got it right or wrong, and leave questions for us that you'd like for us to cover in the next episode.

Questions/topics covered in this week's podcast:

  • What was it like for CB to be in the press box for the Virginia Tech game in Atlanta?
  • What are your thoughts on the Texas A&M game this week?
  • What do you expect from the Texas A&M defense?
  • Thoughts on the little-seen "Saban To Texas" piece.


Here is the player for the podcast:

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Roll Tide.