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The Jumbo Package │09.12.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Texas A&M

Scouting the Aggies: Week 2 Data - Good Bull Hunting

  • Johnny led 10 drives, which led to seven touchdowns, one made field goal, one missed field goal, and one turnover. 51 points, a healthy 5.1 points per possession.
  • A&M averaged 8.5 yards per play while Johnny was in the game. A&M was 11/13 on 3rd down while Johnny was in the game.
  • The 500 yard passing performance by A&M was a school record, and the 426 yards by Johnny was the third-highest individual total in school history.
  • Johnny's 462 total yards were the fifth-highest in school history, and he now has four of the five highest totals in school history, having only played in 15 games.
  • A&M had 31 plays of at least 10 yards. As far as I can find, no team in America has exceeded that number in a game yet this year.
  • Five different Aggies had a run of at least 10 yards, and 10 different Aggies caught a pass of at least 10 yards. That is a huge number

(Texas) Aggie Hospitality: A Reputation to Uphold - Good Bull Hunting

In all the hoopla leading up to this game, let's not forget, fellow Aggies, that we have a reputation to uphold as a gracious and friendly host to other fanbases


Tide's offense is best defense against Manziel |

"I feel like this game right here, it’s going to be the game where we get to prove a point to the world that we’re still Alabama football despite what happened at Virginia Tech. Our offensive line and our entire offense has a point to prove."

This may be the best news I've heard in about 15 hours :/

Seriously though, I like that the offense seems eager to prove itself after the struggles against Va Tech. Hopefully, all this talk translates into action.

Alabama Football: No need to panic about D.J. Fluker Story yet

For anything to happen, the NCAA will have to prove that Alabama was aware of Fluker taking improper benefits to show a "lack of institutional control." Nowhere in the Yahoo report was it alleged that the University was aware of Fluker taking money, and the agencies that provided the benefits are in no way connected to the university.

The point of this is that there is no need to panic at this moment. The university will investigate this matter and do their due diligence to make sure no one inside the football program was aware of Fluker taking money. The NCAA will look into this as well, but unless they can find proof of a university cover-up, then there’s not a lot than come of this.

I typically don't link to other 'Bama blogs but this is a different kind of day, sadly. I think they make a compelling argument here but IMO expecting nothing to come from this seems awfully naive. Yes, what has gotten schools in trouble in the past is evidence that the coaching staff or administration knew of the violations yet did nothing to stop it. BUT the NCAA in the past has used the "You should have known" narrative to hand down sanctions.

It (the NCAA) has also shown it doesn't need hard proof or people to talk (see USCw) to hand down heavy sanctions. My general feeling about the NCAA is that they just need to believe improprieties happened and not actual proof.

D.J. Fluker cooperating with Alabama compliance officers regarding improper benefits investigation |

The Tuscaloosa News has also learned that Luther Davis, the former player cited in a Yahoo Sports report as the conduit for the money and benefits, has been informed that he is not welcome around the UA football facility and that UA officials have warned him to stay away from players.

He low down, he dirty, he a snitch.

Seriously Luther, what the hell bro? What have you gained from all this? Did someone not pay you? Were you guaranteed something for you services and didn't receive payment? You played on a National Championship team and had the chance at a NFL career and this is how you repay the University who gave you that opportunity?

You are a big man and would probably kick my ass but I really want to punch you in the nuts right about now. (analysis)

Latest college scandals again reveal folly of NCAA rules - Yahoo Sports

The NCAA won't be able to get enough people to talk. They won't be able to access the paper trail. It's possible they won't even muster much of an effort. There isn't a direct tie to the coaching staffs. The schools involved, Alabama, Mississippi State and Tennessee, will solemnly declare their concern, even though the latter two are already on probation for previous things that produced solemn concern. Maybe Volunteers defensive lineman Maurice Couch, the only still-eligible participant, gets hit a little, but that'll be it.

Wetzel makes a similar statement as BamaHammer above and I still don't completely agree. Sure, if the NCAA isn't able to get ANYONE to talk or they can't gain access to the paper trail (something Yahoo! already has) then sure, this could all end favorably for 'Bama.

BUT (and this is my main concern in all this) Luther is already talking and Yahoo! already has the evidence. So, what will stop the NCAA from gaining access to these records and why do we believe Luther isn't willing to talk to the NCAA? Seems to me it's a clear cut case wrapped in a pretty little bow for the NCAA.

Nick Saban vows Alabama will handle D.J. Fluker allegations 'appropriately,' grows frustrated with repeated questions |

"We have been aware of some of the allegations in today's story and our compliance department was looking into this situation prior to being notified that this story was actually going to be published," Battle wrote. "Our review is ongoing. We diligently educate our student-athletes on maintaining compliance with NCAA rules, and will continue to do so."

Hope for the best :(

C.J. Mosley, Christion Jones defend Alabama compliance in wake of D.J. Fluker Yahoo! report |

That's upsetting to hear, but that was a different day," Mosley said. "That's what happened in the past and the coaches do a great job of informing us and our parents about agents and things like that. So I'm pretty sure that won't be happening again."

"We've done a lot of investigating about a lot of things. Everytime somebody brings something up with our program, we investigate it, we do the best we can," Saban said. "There's nobody in this organization that wants to do anything that's not above board and we don't want our players to do it, either. That's not what the program is built on and that's not what we're going to do."

Emphasis mine.

"So I'm pretty sure that won't be happening again." You'd think so Amari but this isn't Alabama's first rodeo, ya know?

Look, I know we all agree that Fluker is probably guilty but current players basically saying so doesn't look good, IMO.

This sucks. I'm pissed. I feel a knot in my stomach that probably won't go away until Alabama is cleared (IF and when they are cleared). We have all waited nearly two decades for our beloved Crimson Tide to return to glory. We sat through coaching changes, two rounds of NCAA sanctions, multiple sex scandals and losing streaks to our most hated rivals. We listened while media pundits and our rivals said 'Bama would never be back.

I wanted to be able to tell my son one day that I lived through the greatest run that Alabama and college football has ever seen. Selfishly, I still want that to hold true.

Roll Tide