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Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas A&M Aggies Name Your Score Thread

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RBR doesn't always do prediction threads, but when we do, we go full gump.

Huh? Predicting the score? That ain't the Process, 'aight.
Huh? Predicting the score? That ain't the Process, 'aight.
Al Messerschmidt

Yes, I know, we don't normally do these types of posts but this is such an important game I felt like RBR needed some extra gumping.

This is about as simple as it comes, folks — Name your score and your reason behind that score.

Bammer's Prediction

31-24 Bama

Our offensive line comes out motivated and controls the line of scrimmage. The A&M front seven struggles to hold back Yeldon who has a big game and goes for a buck fitty. AJ and the receiving corps also  find success but it's the running game that drives the offense.

Manziel, because he's still a terrific talent, gets his but the 'Bama defense is able to corral him just enough to hold the Aggie offense to under 25 points. The game will be mostly back and forth in the 1st half but eventually Alabama takes control in the 3rd. Manziel attempts a comeback in the 4th but the Bama D slams the door shut.

That's my prediction, what is yours?