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Bama/Texas A&M | Second Half Thread

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Scott Halleran

Well, that was a doozy of a first half.  Bama's defense had the worst first two possessions we've seen from them since... well, since the last time we played A&M.

After the two quick touchdowns, though, the defense has gone into shutdown mode, denying A&M a single point since.  Meanwhile, the Bama offense that started off with a miserable three and out has gone on to rack up 4 touchdowns, leaving the halftime score at Bama 28, A&M 14.

Other quick notes: this game easily has the worst example of someone being flagged for targeting, and the subsequent "It wasn't a foul, but they'll still be penalized" explanation only magnified the absurdity of the situation.  Also, I love how T.J. Yeldon draws a flag by basically crossing out the motion that JFF does on the regular.

This will be a 60 minute game, folks.  Stick around and hope for the best.

Roll Tide.