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The Jumbo Package │09.15.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related news and quotes

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Scott Halleran

Texas A&M falls to Alabama, but chasing SEC, national goals - College Football - Andy Staples -

The bad news for Texas A&M is that the Aggies allowed 568 yards on 66 plays. When the Tide needed to throw, their offensive line picked up A&M's blitzes, and McCarron sliced the Aggies apart down the sidelines against man coverage. When Alabama needed to run, the line bulldozed Texas A&M's front seven so running backs T.J. Yeldon or Kenyan Drake or Jalston Fowler could blast through to the second level and beyond. Though A&M made things interesting in the fourth quarter, the Tide dictated the tempo for most of the game with a rushing attack that averaged 6.3 yards a carry

Alabama vs. Texas A&M - 2013-09-14 - NCAA College Football Score -

Alabama's best defense was its offense. The Tide gained 568 yards and kept Manziel pacing on the sideline with a couple of long drives. "With the type of offense A&M has, you have to eat up some clock and pound the ball," said McCarron, who passed for 334 yards.

Johnny Manziel giveth, and Johnny Football taketh away

Sometimes, they work – like in the first half, when Manziel uncorked a far more ill-advised pass than the third-quarter interception, and when it seemed he might actually be unstoppable. It was 14-all early in the second quarter, and a shootout seemed on the way – especially after Johnny Football happened.

Alabama takes down Texas A&M in high-scoring SEC affair - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

"We knew we were going to have to play this kind of game to have a chance to win," said Saban. "I didn't think they were going to score 42 points -- but I kind of thought they'd score some points."

SIGNATURE WIN: Alabama holds off Manziel, Aggies in 49-42 triumph |

“We said going in that AJ was going to have to beat us, and he caught fire,” Texas A&M defensive coordinator Mark Snyder said. “You can't let a great quarterback like AJ McCarron stand back there and get absolutely no pressure at all,” Texas A&M defensive end Julien Obioha said.

FINAL: No. 1 Alabama 49, No. 6 Texas A&M 42 |

"In our off week, we had some of the best practices we have had as a team," Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron said. "The first game was not perfect, and we worked to get some of the kinks out."

College Football Sunday Rewind: The thrilling Alabama-Texas A&M edition |

Saban has adapted to the changing sport. He may despise the up-tempo offense and the inability to get the defensive matchups he wants -- "You took 10 years off my life," Saban told Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin after the game -- but Alabama continues to win in this new world.

NCAA College Football Recap - Alabama Crimson Tide at Texas A&M Aggies - Sep 14, 2013 -

Manziel only answered questions about the game afterward. He was one of many Aggies reminding everyone that the loser of this matchup last year won a title. "This wasn't the Super Bowl," Manziel said. "Alabama lost a game last year and still went on to win the national championship. Our season isn't over."