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RBR College Football Pick Em | Week 3 Results

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Clive Rose

Not a great week for Pick 'em. The group picked 31 games this week, and the highest score was 19 (set by player VaTide.) Lowest performer of the week? Rammerati, who managed to correctly pick only 8 games out of 31.

We are also starting to see a bit of separation in the cumulative scores. JTadpole is the overall leader, with 50 points, and SlamaBama33 is in second place, as the only player with 49 points. After those two, we have three players (digitalmed, VaTide, and Jeff(no the other one)) with 48 points, and seven players with 47 points.

Remember, we drop the lowest two scores, so if you have forgotten to get your picks in on one of the weeks, you are still in this. The overall winner at the end of the season gets a free tee shirt (which can be seen/purchased here).

Roll Tide.