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SEC Week Three Power Poll.

SEC Power Poll. No Surprises Here.

White people are weird.
White people are weird.
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Like baby birds cheeping for the regurgitated worm, head over to the Mother's Nest, Team Speed Kills, for the complete results.
  1. Alabama: This is the most complete team in the country, much less the conference. Weapons are there to win in all three phases of the game. The schedule eases up in time for new pieces to coalesce. This is not a perfect team, to be sure.
  2. LSU: Absolutely annihilating cupcakes. The shine is off the TCU win, but Cam Cameron's effect is definitely felt on a more balanced offense.
  3. UGA: After a vicious opening two weeks, Dawgs had a week to heal up before a scrimmage against North Texas. Let's see how they deal with success after shelling Sakerlina.
  4. Texas A&M: Deeply flawed defense, but don't think for a second that this isn't a well-coached, frightening team. WR Mike Evans cannot be defended.
  5. South Carolina: We can forgive the 4th quarter lapses against Vandy; this was a complete game for the 'Cocks. The UCF game will be very telling as to their consistency.
  6. Florida: If any team needed the Bye, it was Florida. Unfortunately, Jeff Driskel still threw three interceptions.
  7. Ole Miss: How good is Ole Miss? Hard to tell against Vandy and Texas, two of the worst defenses in the country. I suspect they're middle of the pack...which is an improvement for Ole Miss.
  8. Auburn: Three wins, two of them last-possession gifts. The defense showed awful flaws against one of the worst offenses in the conference. About to take some serious hits in the "L" column.
  9. Arkansas: Decent defensive line -if not thin on depth. The secondary and quarterback play are so putrid though, they almost overshadow how good Alex Collins is going to be.
  10. Missouri: After the win against Toledo, Mizzou took a bye to prepare for Indiana...don't laugh, they very well may get outscored. Doesn't play a conference game til October.
  11. Mississippi State: The defense is, as we suspected, pretty solid. Finally found that much-needed quarterback. Now, if we can do something about that coaching.
  12. Kentucky: Give Stoops credit, this very young team improves every week. Based on performance alone, they won't finish in the SEC-E cellar, which is more than we thought a month ago.
  13. Tennessee: Playing much harder this year, but the talent simply isn't there. Best thing Butch Jones could have done was buy out that Oregon game, which only exposed how far UT has to go to even be a competitive football team.
  14. Vanderbilt: Complete refusal to play defense, and an offense that won't cut it against any team with a winning record. Back to being Vandy.