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Did Someone Say A Custom Made Roll 'Bama Roll Wooden iPhone Case? They Sure Did.

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Roll 'Bama Roll gumpin, y'all.

Several weeks ago I was contacted by the fine folks over at Timber Fly and they offered to make me (no, I'm not sharing) a custom Roll 'Bama Roll wooden (yes wooden) iPhone case. At first I was skeptical because, wooden iPhone case, but I figured what the hey, I'll give it a shot.

Just to be clear, TiMBERFLY did not request that I make a post about it or pimp their product to the RBR community but after receiving the case in the mail on Saturday I couldn't resist. Upon opening the box I was immediately blown away by the craftsmanship. It's artfully and tastefully crafted and my concerns about weight or size were quickly put to rest.

I've been an Apple iPhone user for the last few years now and have yet to find a case that wasn't too bulky, heavy or took away from the phone itself so I just went without one. This case, however, is light in weight and absolutely beautiful. I even dropped my phone on the ground to test its resiliency and it held up nicely.

You can buy a wood case for your phone at or, if you're interested in a custom engraving, e-mail them at and tell them RBR sent you.

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