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Roll Bama Roll Pick 'Em Results | Week 1

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Jan Kruger

I know we have some games yet to be played, but we're going to try to keep this thing on schedule and give our pick em results as they stand currently.

This year, we have 226 participants. 37 folks didn't put picks in this week, but if you were one of them, remember that you're not out of it yet. The lowest two weeks' scores are dropped, so put in some dang picks and you can still win this thing.

After a single week of picking games, we have a leader in the clubhouse: ala35205. I can't find a profile to link to with that name, but cheers to you, faceless friend. ala35205 was able to correctly pick 24 out of the 34 games (against the spread).

After Al's #1 performance, we had a single player (bamadad) pick 23 correctly. Following those two, we had a glut of players in third and fourth place.

Tied for third place with 22 correct picks - 13 players

Tied for fourth place with 21 correct picks - 30 players

Now for our weekly "public shaming" award. Player "rammerjammer" managed to pick only 10 games correctly out of 34, which would be difficult to do if choosing randomly, much less trying to pick winners. I doff my cap towards you, rammerjammer, and remind you that we will never go to Vegas together.

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone of what we're playing for: a shiny new RBR tee shirt. You can see the tee shirts currently available for sale HERE, but by the time this contest is over, you will have a number of additional designs to choose from (hopefully we'll have some news to share on that front VERY soon).