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Alabama Crimson Tide Back to Work: Practice Report

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Prep for Johnny You-Know-Who begins

The Double-Deuce is LOOSE! MVP Christion Jones.
The Double-Deuce is LOOSE! MVP Christion Jones.
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Many of us got to enjoy a day off of work for Labor Day today. Can you guess who did not?

48 hours after managing 206 yards of offense but giving up only 212 yards (135 minus Trey Edmunds' 77 yard TD run), the Crimson Tide went back to work to prepare for Johnny You-Know-Who and the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday, September 14 (a day that I hereby dub "This Year's Game of The Century!")

On a hot and humid day, Alabama went through practice in shoulder pads, helmets, and shorts at the Thomas-Drew outdoor practice fields.

Aside from the usual bumps & bruises and lingering existing conditions, there were no new injuries to report. Aside from the quarterbacks, no player was seen wearing a black no-contact jersey.

There did not appear to be any position or depth chart changes but that could change seeing how today was the only day this week that reporters will be allowed to watch practice. The Tide will practice five straight days this week.

I guess no news is good news. Roll Tide.