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Post Game Open Thread | Alabama 31, CSU 6

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Kevin C. Cox

I initially named this the "Post Game Victory Thread", but I thought better of it.  Let's be honest.  That wasn't easy to watch.

The offensive game plan for much of the night was baffling, calling for us to throw well short of the sticks on third down time and again.  The offense ended the night with two (that's right, TWO) third down conversion out of ten attempts.  If you're keeping score at home, that's 20% (which is bad).

The defense held the Rams to a total of 278 yards, but since most of those yards came through the air, the defensive performance didn't feel as dominating as the final score might suggest.

Ole Miss is next up, and this team better be ready, because a repeat of tonight's performance won't cut it when they square off against the Rebel Black Bears.