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SEC Power Poll: Week Four -- Three tiers, and the middle may be the most interesting.

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One through Six/Seven are's the bottom half that's hard to sort out.

If you don't love this picture, then you have only hate in your heart...
If you don't love this picture, then you have only hate in your heart...
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor
  1. Alabama: Sure, Alabama has played the toughest early schedule, but has revealed plenty of issues of its own. This is a head-scratching team at times.
  2. LSU: LSU has not seriously been challenged yet. Whether that's the product of the being the best team, or the easy schedule, will be sorted on Saturday. We suspect it may be a little of both.
  3. UGA: If Alabama is frustrating, imagine being a Dawgs fan: Ugly, ugly defensive lapses from the first snap of the season till the present. Will need an A+ effort to escape at home v. LSU.
  4. Texas A&M: The defense showed a little more life against SMU. Yes, it's SMU -but considering what Rice and Sam Houston did, this is a marked improvement. Scariest passing game in the country won't get worse as the season progresses.
  5. South Carolina: Interesting game versus UCF will tell us how South Carolina handles decent teams. No, UNC, you do not count.
  6. Florida: You feel terrible for the much-maligned Jeff Driskel, but it's probably better to lose your job to injury than ineptitude. Defense is the best in America.
  7. Ole Miss: Can make an argument that this team is ahead of Florida, but beating Texas under Diaz may be just a middling win. A very good team but below the top 3 in the West.
  8. Mizzou: Finally, a chance to see Mizzou shows a team that's better than maybe given credit. The defense and special teams played good-ish on the road against a high flying Hoosiers team, and the offense was crisp.
  9. MississippiState: In fairness, a State-Auburn game played in October would look very different than the season conference opener. This team gets better each week.
  10. Arkansas: Secondary -as feared- was an absolute tire fire giving up a huge road lead against Rutgers. Fear not, Hogs, it's only Johnny Manziel this week.
  11. Auburn: Good OL, thin but serviceable receivers, a defense that is actively trying, and a project at QB. These are steps in the right direction for a .500-type team.
  12. Kentucky: The bottom of the East is as awful as it's ever been. If you're a Wildcat fan, you at least have hope though.
  13. Tennessee: Gave us the worst game of this early season. Good news, Vols: There's still Kentucky and Vanderbilt left to top that one. Little talent, fewer answers.
  14. Vanderbilt: Whatever they were doing against UMass is unacceptable for a team that won 9 games last season in the SEC. The upshot is that at least UMass is now FBS?
Good luck sorting out the circular firing squad of derp at the bottom. And, yes, I realize that State beat Auburn, but this is a power poll, and Bully is playing much better than Auburn the past two weeks.