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Who Needs A Blog Poll Top 25? Week One

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Who Needs A Blog Poll Top 25? Week One

For this week, your College Football Overlord
For this week, your College Football Overlord
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I have waited years to do this, and then the Mothership decides to nix the Blogpoll. This will not deter me. And, hey, unlike Todd, I actually watch games! #BlameTodd. Feel free to praise me in the comments below.





Clemson Tigers



Alabama Crimson Tide



South Carolina Gamecocks



Oregon Ducks



Michigan Wolverines



LSU Tigers



Stanford Cardinal



Florida Gators



Florida St. Seminoles



Louisville Cardinals



Ohio State Buckeyes



Georgia Bulldogs



Oklahoma St. Cowboys



Oklahoma Sooners



Wisconsin Badgers



Texas Longhorns



Baylor Bears



Washington Huskies



Texas A&M Aggies



Virginia Tech Hokies



TCU Horned Frogs



Northwestern Wildcats



Michigan State Spartans



Ole Miss Rebels



North Dakota State Bison


Last Out: North CarolinaState Wolfpack, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, PennState Nittany Lions, USC Trojans, California Golden Bears

  1. Clemson: Home game at night, against an exceptionally talented UGA team. No one did more this week than the Tigers.

  2. Alabama: both lines showed growing pains against a very physical team returning 19 starters. Withholding judgment until we see the bounce back in College Station.

  3. Sakerlina: This team should scare the hell out of you. Lattimore was not missed, and the offense has a home run threat now.

  4. Oregon: Ho-hum, overpowering another pay-for-slaughter. Did nothing to drop or raise from lofty preseason expectations.

  5. Michigan: Watch what the Wolverines did to their tasty MAC patsy. This may be one of the most complete teams in the country…too bad Al Borges will cost them a game.

  6. LSU Tigers: Tough opponent, and a good win, in a de facto road game. LSU has a passing game now, and I am not comfortable with this. Defense is made of interchangeable admantium parts from 2003-2012 leftovers.

  7. Stanford: Get a decent passing game, and we’ll see if you can move up. An open bye week means you start a bit lower.

  8. Florida: Workmanlike physical effort. Driskel is still a one-step forward, two-step back guy. Mack is workhorse in the backfield.

  9. Florida State: Jameis is very very good. The offensive line is even better. The defense will cost that team two losses.

  10. Louisville: Dominating effort against a very good MAC team. Defense has improved. Teddy tosses 5 TDs to start the Heisman hype.

  11. Ohio State: This team is still not right. The lines do nothing for me, CB is a liability. Bulls hung in there far longer than they should have against an alleged top-5 team.

  12. UGA: Hard to penalize a very physical 3-point loss to my #1 team. Malcolm Mitchell’s fluke injury is going to hurt this week when the Dawgs drop to 0-2.

  13. Oklahoma State: Appears to have a defense to go with a potent running game. Where is that vaunted passing game though?

  14. Oklahoma: DL especially looked sharp dominating a decent ULM team. This team will get better each week, and QB position is better by subtraction –but you knew that would happen

  15. Wisconsin: Gary Andersen is a damn good coach, and this team won’t drop off. Our friends in the Warrior Poet conference can’t sleep on the loathed Badgers.

  16. Texas Longhorns: I’m happy for your run game, and Ash looked sharp. Don’t expect me to forget that assy first half though…against NMSU.

  17. Baylor Bears: Oregon, only with a fear of dice, dancing and light beer. WADR to Johnny FFB, he’s not even the best player in his own state. Lache Seastrunk waves hi.

  18. Washington: Ranked this highly for both dominating a good Boise squad, and for shutting down that nonsense before Labor Day. Thanks, guys.

  19. Texas A&M: Suspensions aside, SEC teams do not fight for their lives against Rice…much less give up 306 yards on the ground to Rice.

  20. Virginia Tech: Phenomenal defense. Easily one of the best we’ll see this year. Good effort by the RBs/OL wasted by Scott Loeffler’s baffling game plan. Coverage teams and QB remain a disaster.

  21. TCU: No one wants to play LSU; playing them early in the season, before injuries hit, is even worse. Fast, athletic defense will pose problems to some B12 teams this year.

  22. Northwestern: Same gameplan that the Wildcats have relied on since Barnett: opportunistic defense; exciting offense –perhaps too exciting for comfort. Lack of a running game keeps the Wildcats in the second tier of the B1G.

  23. Sparty: This is the snow-bound Virginia Tech. World class defense, and quarterbacking that violates the 8th Amendment. I don’t know how they’ll score enough to win more than 7-8 games.

  24. Ole Miss: No one seriously thinks Ole Miss is a top-25 team. After the rash of early injuries, we won’t think about them much longer either.

  25. North Dakota StateUniversity Bison: QB with balls of steel, dominating lines on both sides, well-coached. Ignore the state, the division and the logo; this is a bowl team in any conference in America.