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The Jumbo Package │09.03.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and College Football related links and quotes

35-10 and we are unhappy? Welcome to Alabama football lyfe.
35-10 and we are unhappy? Welcome to Alabama football lyfe.
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Live at 9 with Kevin Scarbinsky: Nick Marshall leads AJ McCarron in quarterback rating |

Was McCarron more bothered than most people knew by the ingrown toenail that also had been stepped on? Was Marshall more limited by a narrow playbook in his first major college start at quarterback than most people expected? It'll be fascinating to follow their progression during the season. One thing is certain: As the schedule toughens, both quarterbacks will have to play much better to help their teams win.

I know he points out that Alabama played one of the better defenses they'll see all year and that Auburn will face much better defenses in the near future but still, what's the point of this article? (page views on page views)

And they wonder why journalism is dead and blogs are taking over.

Alabama practice report: Tide at full strength on 1st day of idle week |

Jalston Fowler was working with the running backs during today's viewing period. We only mention this because Fowler has worked with the H-backs/tight ends during every other media viewing period of 2013.

This needed to happen and I hope it sticks. After reviewing the game last night, I (and Jtadpole as well) noticed that Fowler is a huge liability in blocking and we need someone else to take over the H-back role. I think we were excited by what we saw from him against Michigan LAST year but he seemed tentative and unsure in the blocking game (and running as well). Hopefully we can find another Kelly Johnson or Brad Smelley to take over.

But honestly, we were one block away on a dozen or so runs from grabbing huge yardage. We aren't as far away as we think.

SEC Power Poll 2013 Results, Week 1: Scatter - Team Speed Kills

Alabama - The offensive line isn't nearly the train wreck as it could be, but it isn't what it was last year. That I've found a sentence to say about Alabama's downside is kinda a new thing, right?

I have to agree with DawgSports on this one. Blocking wasn't nearly as bad as once thought after taking a 2nd look. A lot of what I saw was mis-communication by the OL and TE's, RB's missing blocks and Fowler at H-back. Sure, there were times where our OL got whooped at the point of attack but that is going to happen. Failing to pick up the blitz, missed assignments and poor communication can be fixed. It's not a personnel problem (unless the issues persist)

Also, in the 2nd half we did little to try and force VT's safeties to back off the LOS. No line changes, no audibles, we ran right at them.

Alabama coaching staff names 6 players of the week - News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

Stinson and Mosley were Alabama's top tacklers Saturday night with eight and seven total stops, respectively. Stinson was credited with a tackle for loss and a half-sack. Mosley also had a key block well down the field on Jones' kickoff return for a touchdown. The Crimson Tide defense limited Virginia Tech to seven first downs, 212 total yards and 3-of-17 on third down conversions.

I have heard some people say our interior line (Ivory and Lake) didn't play well but I didn't see it. (at least the mistakes weren't nearly as glaring as they made out) The line stunted a few times and that caused some leverage issues up the middle but I thought the inside of our line played well. We spent most the night in Nickel and when we went to a three man front I felt our NT's held their own nicely. It wasn't perfect but it wasn't 2010 all over again.

The long 77 yard run wasn't the D-lines fault either. Depriest wasn't able to shed his block and the Safeties didn't seal the play. On a few of VT's longer run plays Tana Patrick lost contain but those were on spread option reads (which I felt we defended well most the night)

Stinson and Dickson had great games. Pagan lived up to the hype and Hubbard looked good with his hand in the dirt (turf).

If the line plays this well against A&M and our DB's play their assignments, we should be able to coral JFF.

Alabama football recruiting 2013: Crimson Tide rolling at the top -

Cameron Robinson, the best offensive tackle recruit in ages, seems to be favoring Alabama. Out of West Monroe (La.), many regard him as the best player in the country, regardless of position. Robinson is also considering LSU, but most feel confident he will play for Alabama. On the other side of the ball, Lorenzo Carter is a consensus five-star defensive end from Norcross (Ga.) High School. Carter is also considering Georgia, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Florida State and Oregon, but many believe Alabama is the most likely destination for the elite pass rusher.


Watch Nick Saban's throwing motion in Monday's practice, over the years |

Former Alabama DE Damion Square makes Philadelphia Eagles roster as undrafted free agent |

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