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**UPDATED** Kenny Bell Has NOT Quit the Team

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Have we seen the last of #7?
Have we seen the last of #7?
Kevin C. Cox

Minutes ago, wide receiver Kenny Bell seemingly quit the team, via his twitter page.

To say this is shocking is an understatement.  Kenny suffered a leg injury at the end of last season, but all reports were that he was up to full strength and was expected to contribute heavily this season.  We'll have more updates as they become available, but if this isn't a prank and Bell has indeed quit the team, we wish him the best of luck in sorting out whatever may have led to this abrupt decision.

Coach Saban is expected to hold his scheduled press conference after the team's practice this afternoon.  Look for official confirmation then.


So, it seems that the rumors of Bell's departure have been greatly exaggerated.  According Saban, Bell took a personal day today, and will be back tomorrow.