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The Jumbo Package │09.05.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Mike Zarrilli

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Nation&#39;s No. 1 overall prospect grows up in Louisiana as an LSU fan and picks ... Bama. Gonna be tough to stop that monster.</p>&mdash; Wes Rucker (@wesrucker247) <a href="">September 4, 2013</a></blockquote>

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I'd have to agree with Wes on this one. When 'Bama is going into LSU's backyard and plucking what some are calling the "best offensive line recruit in some time" you have to wonder what it will take to stop the Crimson Tide war machine. (Thanks Lars for giving our secrets)

Alabama football: Defense still a constant for Tide | The Montgomery Advertiser |

So do the defenders feel overlooked given the high expectations of a flashy offense? “Not so much, because at the end of the day defense wins championships,” Mosley said. “So that’s kind of the Alabama standard. It’s always been about defense.

Can I get an AMEN?!

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer explains why Hokies did not back out of Alabama game |

"ESPN offered for us to play another team and we said, ‘No, we want to stay with Alabama,’" Beamer said. "I think for our fan’s sake, that’s the game they want to play and for our kids’ sake. They like the challenge of playing the No. 1 team in the country. I think from an overall standpoint, we know more about our football team right now than we would if we beat someone 50-0. I think we know more about our football team."

/Immediately gains more respect for Frank Beamer.

Honestly though, Saban has been preaching this for years. 'For example, Bama didn't start out in 2010 with a premier game and we all saw how that helped. Can't blame scheduling for the issues in 2010 but think about had we opened up with Penn State instead of SJSU? Maybe, just maybe, the team doesn't allow the success of 2009 to go to their heads..

Tide's offensive linemen uncomfortable watching film |

There was some good sprinkled in amongst the bad, but more importantly for the five guys who make up the University of Alabama’s offensive line, it was what didn’t show up on film that hurt the most.

Eight running plays went for a total of minus-24 yards. Four runs netted no gain. But the problems are fixable. That’s why the bye week comes at such an opportune time. “We knew, as a team, afterwards that we didn’t make them quit. I think that’s what everyone was disappointed about,” Kelly said.

If I could copy and paste the entire article I would. Maybe it's just all talk but you can tell the OL, and the entire team for that matter, wasn't happy after Saturday night. Perhaps being physically out performed by the VT defensive line was exactly what this team needed. (points to statement above about 2010)

The Crimson White | Blackington sees improvement for Alabama rowing team

“I get the impression from what I’ve seen so far and based on what the girls told me they did this summer – we had a number of them rowing for boat clubs over the summer – that we had the right attitude over the summer, and that’s a good starting point for what we want to do this year,” Davis said. “I’m looking forward to it, and I think the girls are too. I think the juniors are ready to step up and be really good leaders.”

Football season is king but there are a lot of UA sports teams that are playing through their season right now. At the Tallahassee Alabama Alumni chapter get together this past weekend I actually met  parents of a member of the women's UA rowing team and I promised them I'd give the team a plug.

Roll Lady Rowers!

Alabama CB John Fulton's humorous look back on Va. Tech win (video) |

"Oh yeah. You can't drop picks in the secondary," he said. "That's like sinning in the secondary. You can't do that."

Or you know, not letting the WR beat you deep :/

But seriously, Fulton's interview is posted below and is worth the watch. He's a funny guy and provided some good insight on the team..

Alabama's top-ranked recruiting class built around powerful offensive linemen |

The Tide holds commitments from two other tackle prospects as well in Iowa star Ross Pierschbacher and California junior college prospect Dominick Jackson. At 6-foot-4, 290 pounds, Pierschbacher is a powerful run blocker who could also play an interior spot. He is rated the top prospect from the state of Iowa for 2014.

We'll have a recruiting update posted soon with how the entire class looks but this group is loaded with offensive line talent. I saw many recruiting pundits yesterday say this is looking like the best OL class in 10+ years.

SEC assistant to ESPN: 'It's kind of scary to think what the future holds' for Alabama |

"Nick Saban's ability to identify talent speaks for itself. They take safeties in high school and turn them into corners, tight ends into offensive tackles, athletic quarterbacks into receivers. He doesn't care if a guy is a two-star or a five-star. He's got his own set of evaluation tools and system and lives by it.

Looks like we'll be gumping for years to come, you guys.


Tuberville on Tide: I don't see anyone stopping them any time soon |

The Crimson White | Alabama Womens Soccer to play in Colorado invitational

See Kenny Bell's return to Alabama practice (Photos) |

Texas' Mack Brown responds to report that FSU's Jameis Winston wanted to go to Texas (video) |