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Sunday Morning Hangovers: Longhorns, Irish, Trojans Upset Specials

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Texas, Notre Dame, and Southern Cal all go down in flames. Isn't that special?

George Frey


BYU 40 Texas 21 - The Longhorns go down to the Cougars (1-1) in Provo, Utah. BYU who lost to Virginia the week before, racked up 550 yards of rushing to Bevo's 132. Get ready for Meltdown!

Washington State 10 Southern Cal 7 - The team that lost to a rebuilding Auburn team last week goes into Los Angeles and lulls the Trojans to sleep. USC (1-1) had 54 yards passing and 193 total yards to the Cougars 7 yards rushing, 215 total. It was so kind of them to schedule this game so late so us college football fans did not have to suffer through this dreck.

Michigan 41 Notre Dame 30 - (not really an upset, I know, but enjoy anyway) The Irish's last visit to the Big House gets them a L. Aside from a stupid pick-6, Devin Gardner went nuts passing 21/33 for 294 4 TDs and rushing for 82 and a TD. Somewhere Lou Holtz is weeping softly into a Rocket Ismail pillow.

Also: Arkansas survives a FCS scare from Samford...Gators fans call for Jeff Driskell's head but who would replace him at QB?...Clowney's stock is dropping (but just a little bit)...the Vols force 5 turnovers in 6 straight WKU plays...Johnny You-Know-Who looms on the horizon.

What else is on your mind?