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The Jumbo Package | ATM Hate Week Starts Now

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

editor's note- To any and all A&M fans lurking about our site, Hate Week Threads are about one thing — HATE. If you are looking for respectful words about your program, this isn't the thread for you. Hate lives here. So don't get all bent out of shape by our words. If you have trouble comprehending this concept and you create problems, we will have no problem banning you. You have been warned.

You know what I hate about ATM lately?  Everything.

I hate their approach to football.  I hate their punk quarterback, who is a living amalgam of every rich jerk bad guy in every high school movie from my childhood, doing whatever we wants, consequence free.  I hate their attitude.  They are spring of '11 Auburn, but worse, since they haven't actually won anything to justify their hubris.  They are the personification of new money, but again, it's not warranted.  They won a few thousand dollars in a scratch off lotto and now won't stop showing off their damn rolex that they blew it on.

Not a lot of news out there for a JP, but I figured now is a good time to kick off the hate.

I want A&M.  I want it bad.  Hate week starts today, everybody.  Let it flow through you.  Let it consume you.  Let it become you.

Alabama practice report: Freshmen step into injured DL Dalvin Tomlinson's position |

Freshman Dee Liner was taking reps behind starter Jeoffrey Pagan during individual drills and the media viewing period. Fellow freshman Jonathan Allen worked behind him, but that's not necessarily a depth chart indication.

A'Shawn Robinson was behind Ed Stinson at the other defensive end spot.

The 3 biggest storylines as Alabama-Texas A&M game week officially kicks off |

1. Can Alabama's offense rebound from a lousy start?

- By now, the final numbers from the Crimson Tide offense's sputtering start have been analyzed in every possible fashion. Only four teams in the nation gained fewer yards in their season opener. Alabama probably would have benefited from a pick-me-up game in between Virginia Tech and Texas A&M, but it will have to settle for an extra week of practice and a weekend of rest heading into the biggest game of the season. That kind of extra preparation benefited Alabama last season, as it scored 21 first-quarter points against Missouri after its in-season bye week and 14 against Notre Dame after a month off leading into the BCS National Championship. The Crimson Tide's 2013 issues keep coming back to an offensive line that features three new faces, but optimism remains that the problems are fixable. The Aggies' defense bottled up Alabama in the first half of last year's game, but it's viewed as a major question mark in 2013 after it surrendered 31 points to Rice.