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RBR College Football Pick Em | Week 2 Results

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Streeter Lecka

Last week was a busy week in our college football pick 'em league that saw us picking a whopping 42 games.  The league is set up to drop the lowest two scores, so for this week (and next week as well), the person with the highest weekly score will be the overall leader.  So, without further ado, onto the results:

This week, we have a three-way tie for first place with 34 correct picks.  Shark Tank, Breezy's Picks, and Death to the War Kitties.  All three should immediately quit their day jobs and begin gambling full time.*

The group at the top was a bit thinner this week, with 5 players tied for second with 33 picks, and 10 players tied for third with 32 picks.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have some people that should never ever put money down on games:  Mr. Peabody, pimpdaddylucile, and SoGladILefttheACC all managed 22 correct picks, while Takeoffyourpantsandjacket managed only 21.  I'm quite certain that each of you made your picks based on coin flips.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the lowest two weeks' scores are dropped.  So if you've missed on week (or even the first two), you are still this thing.  And what is at the end of the magical journey for the winner, you ask?  A shiny new roll bama roll tee shirt.  You'll have your pick of whatever design you prefer, all of which can be found and bought here.

*don't do that, guys.