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Report: Vinnie Sunseri to Enter Draft

Kevin C. Cox

In a move that is sure to surprise many, Vinnie Sunseri will elect forego his senior season and enter the NFL draft, per sources.

While we are still waiting for official confirmation that Sunseri is truly gone, this report does jive with the rumblings we've heard over the past few days that Sunseri was considering the jump.  If true, Vinnie leaves the college game with only six starts under his belt, and will still be recovering from an ACL injury that he suffered mid-season this year.

It's hard to imagine that he'll be 100% in time for the NFL Combine, and that factor coupled with his relative lack of experience does little to inspire confidence that he will be drafted in the first half of the draft.  Given these considerations, it seems that it probably would have been in Sunseri's best interest to come back for his senior year, get more game tape, and demonstrate that he's recovered from the knee injury.

All of that being said, we never know the life circumstances that go into a decision like this, and if Vinnie has decided to make this move, then we wish him the very best of luck.  We will have an update if/when we get official confirmation of the move.

Looking forward at how this move would affect the depth chart, we find that we are suddenly a bit thin at safety.  Nick Perry would probably get the nod to start opposite of Landon Collins, but outside of him, the unit is pretty thin, particularly on experience.  This should be a position to watch as national signing day/spring ball approaches.