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The Jumbo Package │01.13.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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Lane Kiffin's first call as OC: 5-star Alabama quarterback commit Ricky Town |

When Alabama hired new offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin, many expected the former USC head coach to make a major impact on the recruiting trail. Kiffin's first call as the Tide's new offensive coordinator, however, wasn't to a top uncommitted target but rather to the Tide's top commitment for the Class of 2015, Ventura, California quarterback Ricky Town. Town, a five-star prospect rated the nation's No. 1 quarterback for the class of 2015 by 247Sports, told BamaOnline that he spoke to Kiffin on the phone on Sunday and came away impressed and excited by what the Tide's new playcaller had to say.

"I asked him what they're going to do offensively and if anything will change," Town said. "He told me that it's going to stay the same concept-wise and that they're still going to be running the pro-style offense, with a sped-up tempo. I like that- I think that's cool. We run an uptempo pro-style here at St. Bonaventure, as well." "You hear so many people's opinions and stuff, so it was good to actually get a chance to talk to him and hear what he's trying to do and to get his opinions. I was happy we had a chance to talk and I'm excited."

An interesting tidbit there about what we may see from Alabama offense in the upcoming season. In a way, I like the idea of a sped up/up-tempo offense with a new QB. Typically speaking, in the up-tempo offense (not HUNH), the QB is asked to make quick decisions and has less control of the pre-snap reads/adjustments. What a novel idea, considering that our starter next year will likely have ZERO starts under his belt.

Whether it's Sims (please god no), Bateman, Del Rio, Cornwell or even Coker, our offense will have the same identity but may play to our teams strengths (speed) instead of beating our heads against the wall hoping for a different outcome.

Alabama defensive line coach Chris Rumph leaving for Texas (report) |

Rumph was at Alabama three seasons after coaching two years at Clemson. He was popular among players and always had quick one-liners and nicknames for the Tide defensive linemen.  He had a healthy stable of defensive line talent returning with a few key high school recruits and junior college transfers. Two starters departed in defensive ends Jeoffrey Pagan (early exit to NFL) and Ed Stinson (graduation).

"It’s great playing for Coach Rumph," Stinson said in 2012. "He’s a great coach. He’s a good teacher. You don’t see him out there cussing, so most of the players are going to take his message in a different way than if a coach is out there screaming and cussing at you."

In terms of a replacement, Alabama already has a top defensive coach on staff in Kevin Steele. The former Tide and Clemson defensive coordinator turned down an offer to be Bobby Petrino's defensive coordinator at Louisville last week.

See next article...

Report: Ed Orgeron Close to Joining Staff at Alabama - Reign of Troy - A USC Trojans Site

Former USC interim head coach and defensive coordinator Ed Orgeron may be on track to join Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama, according to Rend Getlin of Yahoo! Sports.

OK, lots of thoughts on this.

Steele was all set to accept the DC position at UL and in the last minute decided to return to 'Bama. A few hours (maybe a day later) Rumph moved on to Texas. The thought was that Lance Thompson would be replacing Rumph as DL coach and Steele would coach the linebackers.

That doesn't make sense to me. Why would Steele turn down the DC position at UL for a LB coaching spot at 'Bama? I know it's Alabama but why not take the promotion?

Well, then I began to think about this...

College Football Rumors: Georgia to make run at Alabama DC Kirby Smart - FanSided

The Georgia Bulldogs have an opening at defensive coordinator with Todd Grantham leaving to take the same position on Bobby Petrino’s staff with the Louisville Cardinals, and the top target for Mark Richt could be Alabama defensive coordinator and former Georgia defensive back Kirby Smart.

I'd keep an eye on the development of Kirby taking the Vandy job (which is unlikely) or even possibly going back home to UGA. Georgia would have to offer him big money (1.5 million+) and probably even the head coach in waiting position (it was noted that Richt may retire soon) to get him. This is pure speculation on my part but...

Wouldn't it make sense that Saban, knowing Kirby was likely to leave (much like Nuss), would convince Steele to stay on and take over as DC? He would be the most likely candidate to replace Smart. Of course, that is assuming Saban knows Kirby is looking elsewhere.

If Kirby does leave, I expect Steele to DC, Thompson coaches LB's, and Coach O to join the staff as DL coach.

Again, this pure conjecture on my part but there are continued rumors that 'Bama will have more coaching turnover in the coming days.

Georgia's Todd Grantham Leaves for Louisville - Team Speed Kills

UL will reportedly be paying him $1 million per year, a figure UGA probably couldn't match even if it wanted to after the so-so year the Bulldogs' defense put in this year.

1 million a year for Grantham? Silliness. What I don't like about this move is that it continues the arms race for assistant coaches. If Grantham, who may be a good coach but certainly not a top 10 DC in college football, is worth million a year to Louisville, what is a guy like Smart worth? I also wonder what 'Bama paid Kiffin when compared to Nuss' salary at Michigan?

Alabama's class of early NFL exits unlike those in recent seasons |

Clinton-Dix and Kouandjio each had first-round draft forecasts from the NFL. Linebacker Adrian Hubbard said he was told he'd be a second-to-fourth round pick. Defensive end Jeoffrey Pagan is likely in the same range. Sunseri missed the last six games of the year with a torn ACL. He's also the second consensus three-star recruit to make the jump joining (Glen) Coffee. Seven of the 18 early exits including the five this season were consensus 5-star prospects coming out of high school.

I love Vinnie and I hate to see him go but this was likely a decision based on the fact his draft stock would likely never be higher than it is today, and if that is true, why not make the jump now? (I heard he told his girlfriend he was leaving for the NFL before the 2013 season began)

He'll be a life time special teamer in the NFL regardless of when he declared for the draft and if he came back for his senior season. So why risk another injury and ruin his chances at playing in the NFL all-together?

In Vanderbilt Coaching Search, Expect the Unexpected - Team Speed Kills

It might be a bit extreme to say that Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris is the front-runner for the job, in part because it's not at all clear that Vanderbilt has a favorite right now. Morris is also thought to be in the mix for Texas' OC job, and he has a pretty good gig right now. But if Vanderbilt can make the money work and the position attractive enough, the thinking goes, Morris has a great shot.

Again, I don't expect Smart to be in the mix for the job but don't be surprised if they take a swing at him.

The Crimson White | Alabama freshmen push gymnastics team to victory in season opener

Alabama’s 197.15 is its highest season-opening score in team history. "This freshman class reminds me of our freshman class," senior Sarah DeMeo said. "Just the way they’re stepping up off the bat, the first meet. They’re just going to continue to get stronger and more competitive. We’re really proud of them."

Roll Tide Y'all will have more on the gymnastics team later this week but I wanted let you know the team did win their first meet of the season on Friday night.

The Crimson White | Crimson Tide downs Ole Miss 93-79 for first SEC win

The Crimson White | Tide wins home swim meet