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Tim Brando Out at CBS

In case you missed it...

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Brando released a statement on his departure from CBS. Below is an excerpt:

After 18 years at CBS and 16 years as the Host of College Football Today, I am leaving CBS Sports," Brando said in a Facebook post. "I will no longer be the Host of College Football Today or provide play by play services for their golf, football or basketball coverage. This news comes on the heels of my announcement that the Tim Brando Show will not be returning to CBS Sports Network.

This sounds a bit to me like Brando got Mack Brown'd.

This news will not break too many hearts in the Alabama fanbase. This Louisiana native always seemed a tad biased against anything it crimson and white (I heard he once threw an Icee at a mall Santa Claus) and more towards the folks that like to end words with "-eaux". (smiley face emoticon)

With Verne Lundquist about to turn 97, expect to see a lot of new faces at the "Big Eyeball" Network very soon.


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