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The Jumbo Package │01.16.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Interesting: Sources indicate Tide assistant coach Greg Brown is expected to be on road recruiting Thursday with Nick Saban. <a href="">@BamaOnline247</a></p>&mdash; Tim Watts (@TimWatts_BOL) <a href="">January 16, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Sources has to be the hardest working man, or woman, in sports...

Jeremy Pruitt: 'I feel like the University of Georgia is the best school in the conference' |

"There's no doubt that (the SEC) is the best conference in the country, and I feel like the University of Georgia is the best school in the conference," he added. "I wouldn't be here today if I didn't think so."

Best at what, Pruitt? Player arrests? Winning the Fulmer Cup? Sending embattled players to start at QB for SEC West schools?

Alabama WR DeAndrew White officially returning for senior season |

"After sitting down with my family and coach Saban, I have decided to return to Alabama for my senior year," White said in an Alabama press release. "I already have my degree and the chance to play in the NFL next year was something that I very much considered, but in the end I didn't want to pass up my final year at Alabama. I have had the opportunity to speak with coach (Lane) Kiffin and I'm excited about our offense and what we can accomplish next year as a team."

Good news for the Tide in regards to leadership in 2014, but you have to wonder where this leaves Chris Black. He's the guy we've all been waiting to see on the field and he was expected to replace DeAndrew in the slot, back when we all thought White was declaring for the draft. I really hope Black doesn't transfer due to lack of playing time because next year may finally be his year.

Bobby Petrino, Lane Kiffin hires reflect NCAA hypocrisy - Orlando Sentinel

"No one program, no one person no matter how popular, no matter how successful, can be allowed to derail the soul of an institution," SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said a few years ago at the height of the Penn State child-abuse scandal.

"Soul" is an interesting choice of words because it appears there's a soul-for-sale sign prominently on display year after year. You'll see it at Louisville, the new home for Petrino, and Alabama, Kiffin's new digs. It's well documented that Petrino is a big-time liar. It starts at home where he went on a "Born to Be Wild" motorcycle spin with a young mistress whom he hired at the university (friends with benefits!). A crash into a ditch literally derailed his coaching career at Arkansas in 2012.

Not to worry, Lyin' Bobby took a minor detour at Western Kentucky before he was back on the main street, accepting a deal from Louisville. "I've made mistakes. I'm going to be a better person because of it," Petrino told ESPN's Joe Schad in August 2012, part of a teary apologetic spin that's standard for these kind of deals. "I really feel like I'll be a better coach because this happened because I'm now gonna know that I'm gonna coach the person as much as the player, and help the person, when he has made mistakes."

Of course, the common thread that Petrino and Kiffin share are excellent reputations as football minds. And obviously that's all that matters in a competitive universe where a four-team playoff and the affiliated bowls could generate as much as $600 million per year. It would be refreshing if the people who run college athletics would fess up and admit that winning is what matters most, and the rest of the stuff becomes just meaningless scraps. But they don't, and they try to sell you on the Big Lie.

So it's good to know that if any of his married players hook up with a coed and take her for a ride on a motorcycle, Bobby has his back, people! Excuse me while I gather my composure, and try not to throw up my lunch.

Where do I start? A media troll calling college football a hypocrite or his inflammatory comments about a man or situation he knows little about?

First off, this guy is no better than Finebaum or Clay Travis trolling for PV's. He's a two bit hack that obviously has no problem judging others based on perceived facts. I'm sure he's never met either Kiffin or Petrino but yet has no problem calling Petrino, based on my twitter reaction with him, "A slimy lyin worm".

Moral grandstanding much? Petrino did make a lot of mistakes and he's paid for them but we have no clue the type of changes he's made since going through that ugly, very much publicized, scandal a few years back. I've personally witnessed marriages go through an affair and actually come out 100x better on the other side. So. who are we to continue heaping burning coals on his head, especially since he wife was able to forgive him? I actually think he has an awesome story to tell recruits and their parents about life and how to deal with hardship. Why not mention that in your little article, Diaz?

I am not defending Petrino's actions or excusing his behavior. He's got to live with the public image he's created and work tirelessly to rebuild his character. But I'm sure Louisville did their research and has set up plenty of guidelines for BP to follow. I seriously doubt they just handed him the keys to the kingdom with no oversight.

That's not hypocrisy, it's holding a guy accountable while also allowing him to do what he's best at.

How much are colleges paid for sports apparel deals? Ed O'Bannon case offers details |

Michigan's $6 million annually in cash and product from Adidas was the largest listed in the report. Michigan also received a $6.5 million signing bonus.

The next highest schools for combined annual value in cash and product over the length of their contracts: Texas ($5.56 million-$5.76 million from Nike); Florida State ($4.2 million-$4.5 million from Nike); LSU ($4.1 million-$4.5 million from Nike); Kansas ($3.8 million-$4.2 million from Adidas); Ohio State ($3.6 million-$4.21 million from Nike); and UCLA ($3.54 million-$5.5 million from Adidas).

Tide Wins Big, 80-61

Although this was a nice win, and the team played well, Mississippi State is woeful. The 11-4 record they had coming in can be attributed to a horrible non-conference slate. The Bulldogs' RPI currently sits at 156, ahead of only Auburn in the SEC.  Regardless, it was great to get a win in a game that did not go down to the wire.

I don't always link RBR articles in the JP but it seems as if we are the only 'Bama site that takes Basketball even remotely serious. It's sad because the team looked pretty good last night, even if it was against woeful CLANGA.

Alabama Football 2013: Don't Count On An Alabama National Title Just Yet

A national championship is never a foregone conclusion and that is certainly true in 2013. Though Alabama has a favorable schedule and certainly enough talent, there are two groupings whose success or failure will determine the chances of obtaining #16- Cornerback and Offensive Line

Another RBR hit piece....

I had almost forgotten that I penned this post two weeks before the season began and right after Geno's arrest. Not that it took some amazing insight to see that those two units would eventually be our down fall but it's still frustrating.

You could see the handwriting on the wall before the season began and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.