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Ten Nice Things To Say About Anthony Grant

Nice pressed shirt.
Nice pressed shirt.
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

After Saturday's embarrassing shellacking at Missouri (68-47), many Alabama fans don't have too many good thing to say about Head Coach Anthony Grant right about now.

So seeing how it is a nice relaxing Sunday, maybe we could find a few Nice Things To Say About Anthony Grant:

  1. He is a good recruiter.
  2. He can coach defense okay...sometimes.
  3. His VCU team beat #6 seed Duke back in 2007.
  4. He was a decent player back in the 1980s.
  5. Um... he wears nice pressed dress shirts to every game.
  6. Er... he seems like a nice guy.
  7. To my knowledge, he has never been to prison.
  8. Uh, oh yeah! Florida once almost thought about maybe interviewing him!

Uh, a little help?