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The Sugar Bowl Jumbo Package │01.02.14

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Kevin C. Cox

2014 Sugar Bowl | Oklahoma Sooners Opponent Q&A With Roll `Bama Roll - Crimson And Cream Machine

The Sooners and the Tide will square off for the third time in a bowl game when they face each other in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday night. Bob Stoops is 2-0 against Alabama, winning both in Norman and in Tuscaloosa, but finds his team as a huge underdog this week. Oklahoma has never beaten Alabama in a bowl game and, as the Tide come in as heavy favorites, the fine folks over at Roll `Bama Roll were kind enough to give us an insiders look at OU's bowl opponent.

Go check our Slices' responses to their questions.

Sugar Bowl 2014 | Oklahoma Sooners' Keys To Victory - Crimson And Cream Machine

The Sooners possess one of the better secondaries in all of college football. With a lockdown corner in Aaron Colvin and a youngster with promise in Zack Sanchez, expect the coaching staff to play man coverage. Forcing their opponent into 3rd-and-long situations favors this unit as it makes the opposing offense seemingly one dimensional. Oklahoma will have an upper hand assuming they can play percentages on 3rd down.

Yes, forcing Alabama into 3rd and long is the key to stopping our offense but the question for the Sooners is can their offense score a single point against our defense? It wouldn't surprise me if OU was able to hold Bama to less than 24 points but I just don't see the Oklahoma offense scoring 10+ on our defense.

Oklahoma Sooners aren't 'scared' to face Alabama Crimson Tide - ESPN

OU enters the game as clear underdogs and several Sooners have been asked by classmates if they are scared to play Alabama. That’s right, scared … and they aren’t happy about it. "If you ask any guy that question, you’ll get a sour response from anyone," guard Bronson Irwin said. "If you say yes to that question, you’re probably in the wrong sport. This is top-level football. If you’re scared of anyone, you’re already beaten in my mind. A lot of this game is mental and a lot of the games are won before you start."

Glad to see the Oklahoma staff and players shying away from the underdog role. After-all, you're Oklahoma, not Boise St or Auburn.

No excuses from Alabama CB Deion Belue after injury-plagued season, but he's at his healthiest now |

"It's just things you have to deal with," Belue said Monday. "I'm sure every other player in the SEC has nagging injuries and stuff like that. "On the foot, you really can't do too much about it. Keep going, fight through it and hope for the best."

Belue, AJ and Cooper all dealt with foot issues during the season, AJ and Steen had nagging shoulder injuries, HaHa was hurt against Auburn, we lost Kelly for a good part of the year, we had more in-season suspensions than I can ever remember and multiple other players seemed to be banged up every game.

I know it's football and minor bumps and bruises/distractions happen every game but it seemed like we never were a fully armed and operational space station football team..

CBS Sports' Gregg Doyel: Florida State, Auburn is right matchup for title, but Alabama best team |

For Auburn: "The Tigers absolutely belong there, in part for things they did and in part for the fortuitous timing with which they did them. Is Auburn lucky to be here? Not saying that. Auburn deserves to be here because it did everything asked of it in the system we have."

Is Auburn lucky to be here? Hell yes they are lucky. Sure, they beat UGA and Alabama but both those game ended on once (I guess twice) in a life-time plays. Auburn fans can say they deserve to be in the national title game all they want but even they can't ignore the amount of luck that had to be on their side to make that dream happen.

As much as I don't want to see FSU win, I think I'd rather enjoy seeing Auburn embarrassed on national T.V. in front of millions of people...