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The 2013 RBR Gump Awards

Who is the biggest gump on RBR?

Most FanPosts

CB969 57

5026 39

Roger_RBR 25

CarrotTop4 20

Bamapride 19

mr.peabody 18

Most FanShots

bammer 16

Ricky Muncie 13

CB969 11

Jeremy_RBR 8

tndefender 7

PhiladelphiaBammer 7

Most Comments

CarrotTop4 9789

TiderUpNorth 5444

13thBama 4824

bammer 4519

J Tadpole 4510

Slice of Life 4498

NiceLittleSaturday 4111

mr.peabody 3878

BamaThrasher 3728

5026 3460

Most debates about paying players

cecil.honeychurch Evelentybillion

Most use of the sarcasm font

CarroTop4 9789

Most Inappropriate Commenter


Honorable Mention- JTadpole

Favorite Hoodooer

tn bama girl

Thanks to everyone on RBR for wasting so much of your time on the site and for making RBR the best Alabama blog on the internet! It's been an up and down year but this wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the RBR community. Y'all are the best!

Roll Tide