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Alabama Frozen Tide Routs Auburn in Sweep, Retains Iron Cup

Spoiler: Auburn's goal-against-average just got a lot worse.

Tidal Wave
Tidal Wave

Alabama Hockey Routs Auburn in Sweep, Retains Iron Cup

This was not even close. As Roll Bama Roll daddy bear and founder, Nico 2.0, noted on Twitter yesterday,

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Does Tony Barbee coach Auburn&#39;s hockey team too?</p>&mdash; Culture Czar (@Culture_Czar) <a href="">January 19, 2014</a></blockquote>

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That about sums it up.

Alabama came out nasty on Friday night, scoring a goal in the first two minutes, en route to a one-sided 9-1 win. Saturday appeared to be more of the same, as Alabama again scored in the first two minutes. However, the game settled down and became a defensive, closely-contested match, with Tide goalie Tommy Condon earning the shutout, and POG honors a 3-0 win. Sunday was the laughable cherry on this mismatched sundae though, as Alabama unleashed a 13-1 torrent on the outmanned Tigers. Bryan Puffer was nigh-unstoppable all weekend, and earned the series MVP.

This makes 11 straight for the Frozen Tide over Auburn, and the Road to the Nationals is looking good, with four more regular-season games slated -including a tough three-game swing of #6 Ole Miss and a double-header versus #1 Central Florida to end the season. All games will be at the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena.

Congratulations again to the Frozen Tide on a dominant series sweeps