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SEC Power Poll Week Eight

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With back-to-back weeks of Magnolia Mayhem, it's time to see where we stand

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Erik asked that I take the reigns for RBR's SEC Power Poll for now, so here I am to impart some knowledge on y'all. As always, head over to Team Speed Kills for the composite rankings.

1. Mississippi State. You don't believe it, I don't believe it, and Ripley doesn't even believe it. Regardless, here we are, as the Bulldogs are not only the best in the SEC, but they currently are playing at a higher level than anyone in the country. Dak Prescott and Josh Robinson are doing their best impressions of Cam Newton and Michael Dyer right now (FLAGGED), the offensive line and wide receivers are each in the upper class of the conference, and the front seven is stout and full of all kinds of experience. The only sign of a weakness on this team is that they have been spotty at times on defense.

2. Ole Miss. It's truly incredible that not only is Mississippi State having the year they are, but Ole Miss is right there with them. These two could really be 1a. and 1b. but I had to put one over the other. The Rebels have the best defense in the country right now, with only Alabama's looking pretty close to them in the SEC. Dr. Bo has been surgical in his craft of guiding this offense the last few weeks, and their group of receivers are strong. However, this is still a solid, not spectacular, offense, which could lead to some trouble down the road. That's really the only red flag here, because that defense, man, it's nasty.

3. Auburn. The Tigers are the top one-loss team in the SEC right now, and deservedly so. Auburn's wins over Arkansas, LSU, and Kansas State make up one of the best resumes in the country, regardless of LSU's troubles. The first half of the Mississippi State game was sloppy on both sides, but Auburn held strong and got back into it despite the early 21-0 hole. It takes a really good team to do that on the road against one of the nation's best.

4. Alabama. The Tide's offense has become suddenly inept, and it all starts up front. The play from the offensive line has been mediocre at best, even straight terrible at times. However, this is Saban's Alabama. So once again, nobody can run on this team. Alabama held the incredible Razorback rushing attack to 89 yards. Alabama will be in every game this year, whether or not the Tide can win all of those games will depend on the offense. Also, HOLD ON TO THE BALL

5. Georgia. The East Dawgs made a statement this past weekend. With Todd Gurley suddenly out of the lineup, Mark Richt's team turned around two days after the announcement and hammered Mizzou on the road. Missouri's offensive issues seemed pretty self-inflicted, but Georgia finally seemed to have played up to the immense potential they have on the defensive side of the ball. The East is pretty clearly theirs to lose, and I fully expect to see this team in Atlanta the first weekend in December.

6. Texas A&M. The Aggies got crushed yet again by another Mississippi school, and it wasn't even close. A&M's defense has improved from last year, but not enough that they can rely on it to win games. Yet, for the better part of two quarters, the defense was the only thing keeping them in the game against Ole Miss. The offense, despite the gaudy passing numbers, is struggling. Kenny Hill seems uncomfortable, the receivers are still very young, and that offensive line is looking really average right now. Big game for both the Aggies and the Tide this weekend.

7. Arkansas. This team is so close to being really good, that it's really amazing to think that they have lost 15 straight SEC games. They sure don't play like they have. The Razorbacks are hungry, have a dominant rushing attack, and have played some pretty darn good defense lately. These guys will ruin somebody's season. Alabama and A&M can vouch for that.

8. LSU. Was that win over Florida vintage Les Miles or what? The Tigers had 110 passing yards total and scored 30 points. The +3 turnover margin was obviously the deciding factor in their win over the Gators. Leonard Fournette is really starting to come into his own, and the rest of those young guys are continuing to develop. This still isn't a great football team, but I'd rather not have to travel to Death Valley late in the season to play this maturing team (checks calendar). Awesome.

9. Florida. Now that all of the West teams (plus Georgia) are out of the way, it's time to have some real fun. Florida is still all kinds of awful on offense. The Gators actual running backs ran a total 10 times for a combined 17 yards against an LSU defense that gave up a combined 600 yards on the ground to Mississippi State and Auburn. Jeff Driskel had to put the team on his back. JEFF. DRISKEL. The defense is still inconsistent.

10. Kentucky. I was actually really tempted to rate these guys higher, but the 5-1 record is misleading. They have 4 wins over cupcake teams (see what I did there, Dores?), and then a come-from-behind win at home over a reeling South Carolina team. The jury is still out, but I will keep them here for now. Beat LSU and I'm shooting Mark Stoop's squad all the way up to legit East contender, so like 7th.

11. Missouri. WOOF. That offense though. I mean, I like their front seven on defense but what can those guys do if the offense plays like that again? Take away the last seven minutes against South Carolina and we are talking about severe levels of ineptitude in SEC play on the offensive side of the ball. Needless to say, that Missouri-Florida game will be all kinds of YEEEESH on offense. Maybe commentators will stop making lazy Johnny Football comparisons towards Maty Mauk.

12. South Carolina. Worst defense in the SEC? Worst defense in the SEC.

13. Tennessee. The Vols actually have the potential to move up from this spot, so at least it's not like the last couple of years. This young team has got to find out how to win games in conference play though. I have a strong feeling the Vols won't end up here, but they are currently win-less in the SEC East so they don't really leave me any choice at the moment. Pro tip: you guys might want to start protecting Justin Worley at least a little bit.

14. Vanderbilt. Vandy almost lost to Charleston Southern. I have seen some bad teams in the SEC in my time, but Derek Mason's 2014 Vanderbilt Commodores take the cake. I'm honestly embarrassed that they wear the SEC logo on their jerseys.