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College Football Morning Thread: Week 8

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Baylor at WVU ~ K-State at Okie ~ Furman at SC ~ UVa at Duke

Just win, baby!
Just win, baby!
John Weast

Today is a day of reckoning for a plethora of teams. Outside of Vandy, there are no guaranteed wins in the SEC this season. There are no gimmes in many other games as well.

Morning highlights 11am CT / 12pm noon ET:
Baylor 20 West Virginia 27 - 3rd Qtr - FOX Sports 1 - Bama need WVU to win this game.
Kansas State 31 Oklahoma 30 - 4th Qtr - ESPNESPN- Elimination game.
Furman 10 South Carolina 41 - 4th Qtr - SEC Network- meh

11:30am CT / 12:30pm noon ET:
Virginia 13 Duke 13 - 4th Qtr - Local channels CW, MyTV - This game actually has ACC implications.

All right Bama Nation! How do we start a thread?