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Tennessee Hate Week / Jumbo Package Thread

Let the hate flow through you..

Bammer's definition of sports specific hate: A feeling of utter dislike, loathing, disregard, and general hostility towards a university (mainly Tennessee and Auburn), sports team of that university, and the fan base who cheer for those sports teams based on zero amounts of rhyme, reason, or objectivity. Not be confused with actual hate towards things I would like to see die or have horrible things happen to. (See terrorists and/or caillou)

So, most of y'all know I hate Tennessee (just like any good Alabama fan should). Also. most of you know that this hate supersedes my hate for Auburn. And I'm sure most of you know that anything that represents Tennessee, is found in Tennessee, or comes from Tennessee, would be certainly something I hate.  I feel no remorse for my feelings and have no plans in the future to reverse my position.

I don't like Fall or Halloween cause people wear a lot of orange this time of year.

Don't even get me started on pumpkins.

I hate Tennessee because they gave us Peyton Manning and millions of boys and girls named after Peyton.

I don't even like how Peyton is spelled. PAY-ton would be how I'd spell it but I wouldn't name my kid a stupid name like that so...

Right now, I hate the Denver Broncos.

I use to hate the Indianapolis Colts but they did the right thing by cutting the washed up has been. 509 touchdown passes my as....

I would never join the United States Navy because the Vols ruined that word for me.


It'll take years (championships) before I forgive him for this.

We are so sorry Layla...

And if those reasons aren't enough to stir up hate in your heart, may I remind you of this guy?


Top 25 Poll analysis: Alabama rolls up to No. 4 while Baylor falls hard |

A loss to Ole Miss and a squeaker of a win against Arkansas left some folks wondering if Alabama got lost in the high tide of a what was a major shuffle at the top of the polls the past couple of weeks. Regardless, an annihilation of Texas A&M not only likely appeased those unhappy with close wins, but sent Nick Saban's team climbing three spots to No. 4.

Remember that time Alabama lost a game, then looked awful while winning the next week, and then looked like a completely different team the rest of the season blowing nearly everyone out on its way to a National Title? Yeah, I do too.

But the tempered optimist in me says we should be cautious with our expectations moving forward. I would like to see this team look like the one we saw this past Saturday while on the road. With games against Tennessee and LSU coming up, they'll need to play much better than they did against Mississippi and Arkansas if they hope to stay alive in the playoff picture.  The Tide are sitting pretty but we have a long ways to go and the team will once again need some help along the road if they have plans on making it into the top four at season's end.

CECIL HURT: Some SEC teams will be left out in the cold |

Now, even Jeff Long, the selection committee chairman, says that winning your conference "might be a criteria." So how much will it count? Five percent? Twenty percent? No one will give the honest answer, which is that it will count exactly enough to elevate a team that fits into a geographically-balanced, give-them-all-a-Juicebox agenda ahead of someone else.

Then there is the "quality loss" criteria. You hear that a lot in connection with two games (Florida State-Notre Dame and Oregon-Michigan State) because those "quality losers" don’t have much in the way of quality wins. Not surprisingly, you don’t hear it in connection with Alabama-Ole Miss or Auburn-Mississippi State. A connected way of fixing the field is the "injury/suspension" consideration, which, since everyone has injuries or suspensions, is basically a license for the committee to ignore (or downright reverse) a result that "doesn’t fit."

Like I said, this will be an uphill battle. There are plenty of scenarios where Bama could be considered for the playoff but I don't like our chances if we don't win the SEC outright. I just don't trust this committee to objectively look at all these one-loss teams and still put two SEC members in a four team playoff, especially it being the first year of the playoff.

My gut says they play it safe and go with conference champions first and then only go with a one-loss non conference champion if say the Big 12, Pac-12, or Big 10 champ has two losses.

By the Numbers: Alabama - Good Bull Hunting

Amari Cooper: wait, that's not a number. How about 8 catches for 140 yards and 2 TDs

602 to 174: yardage totals guess which is which

305: rushing yards allowed ROLL TIDE

Aggie fans are asking for blood after the 59-0 loss Saturday but I find it interesting that in one of their breakdowns GBH says "Alabama is good, but they aren't that good".

What I saw Saturday was a Bama team that I haven't seen in some time. I just sat there and smiled when most the team came running on field, jumping up in down with excitement, after Foster's big special teams hit. I can't remember seeing that much energy from a Bama team since maybe '08 (Clemson) or '09 (Florida). We've been so robotic and workman-like the last few years and I believe that has made the team play tight.

Maybe, like Jtad said after the game, Saban is evolving as a coach and learning to let his guys just run and have a little fun...

Alabama favored by half the margin it's had in past 4 victories over Tennessee |

The Crimson Tide opened as a 15 1/2 point favorite over Tennessee, which hasn't scored a touchdown in its past two SEC games. Alabama's been favored in every game dating back to the 2009 SEC Championship, but it hadn't been more than a 14-point favorite against conference foes in 2014 until this week.

You think Vegas is picking up on this Bama doesn't play on the road like it does at home trend?

Playoff Pulse: Big 12 upsets may give SEC an edge | College Football |

There's a long way to go of course, but those are the type of choices Arkansas athletic director and committee chairman Jeff Long and his 12 colleagues on the panel could face. Have fun with that, and consider this: When the new AP rankings come out on Sunday, the SEC — the SEC West to be specific — could have four of the top five teams in the country in some order: top-ranked Mississippi State, No. 3 Mississippi (which was playing Tennessee later Saturday), Auburn and No. 7 Alabama, which beat Texas A&M 59-0. Add No. 2 Florida State, which won Saturday's showcase game against No. 5 Notre Dame, 31-27, and there is the top five.

The SEC West still has plenty of time to sort itself out with the two Mississippi schools and two Alabama schools still having to face each other, plus Auburn has to play at Ole Miss and Mississippi State goes to Alabama. But a one-loss team from the strongest division in college football that doesn't even play for a conference title should have a good looking resume.

Rolando McClain earns trust of Dallas Cowboys |

"I just think he leads with his play," Dallas defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said on Thursday. "He's got rare ability. He is really a terrific leader in his own way. Guys seem to rally around a guy like that -- physical presence. He hits. He runs. He likes to practice. He practices hard. He leads by what he does. "When you really love what you're doing, it just oozes out of you. It's contagious to everybody else. That's the best type of leadership. You don't need all the talking. If he needs to talk, he says something -- strong. But mostly it's about how he plays. Just watch the tape."

Four Downs: How sacks are helping Alabama more than ever under Nick Saban |

Alabama finished with six sacks against Texas A&M. That's never happened since Saban arrived in 2007. It hadn't happened since Sept. 7, 2002, when Alabama had six in a losing effort against Oklahoma. Twelve different players have had a hand in the Crimson Tide's 19 sacks on the season, a total that ranks a modest fourth in the SEC but is just three shy of the 22 Alabama had all last season. If Alabama keeps this pace, it will make a run at the previous high under Saban, 35 in 14 games in 2012.

NOM NOM NOM sacks are good. NOM NOM NOM

Alabama Crimson Tide 59, Texas A&M Aggies 0: The Tide Is Rolling Again - Team Speed Kills

In the first quarter, Alabama had 12 first downs and 221 total yards to Texas A&M's zero first downs and eight total yards. Things only continued to get stranger in the second quarter, when Alabama had 449 yards of offense and reached 45 points. Texas A&M went to the locker room with 51 total yards. Nearly ten times less than Alabama. Ten. Times.

To the "Bama can't stop HUNH offenses" people..