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SEC Power Poll Week Nine

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Things are looking a bit top-heavy in the SEC

Kevin C. Cox

Roll Tide everybody. Man, was that an awesome display of Alabama football on Saturday or what? The 59-0 pasting of Texas A&M wasn't the only lopsided affair this weekend in the SEC, as the favorites all rolled big time. We are really starting to see where everybody stands, and unless you reside in the state of Alabama, Mississippi, or Georgia, things aren't looking too hot for your favorite SEC member. Anyway, on to the rankings:

1. Mississippi State. A final bye week for the Bulldogs keeps the status quo intact. That game on November 15th in Bryant Denny will be electric.

2. Ole Miss. The Landshark defense is phenomenal. The offense continues to do just enough to keep winning, and as we all know, that is quite the championship formula in the SEC.

3. Alabama. In what was easily the best performance for the Tide since the 2012 BCS National Championship Game, Alabama reasserted themselves and laid waste to the notion that the dynasty is falling apart. For the first time this season (with the possible exception of Florida, who, yeah), the team actually looked like it was out for blood, and not just playing not to lose. RIP Vols.

4. Auburn. The Tigers drop a spot from last week only because Alabama looked so incredible. #4 in the SEC and #5 in the country, and no, that's not because of some Illuminati SEC bias.

5. Georgia. The Dawgs are finally looking like the team they are on paper. Considering that their paper is filled with 4 and 5 star studs on both sides of the ball, that is definitely a good thing. Georgia basically has their spot in Atlanta wrapped up, and they will be a tremendous test for whoever emerges from the West.

6. LSU. The Bayou Bengals put on an old-fashioned butt whooping as they took Mark Stoop's squad to the woodshed. I don't know about y'all, but I certainly wouldn't want to spend much time in a woodshed in lower Louisiana.

7. Arkansas. This is where there is a serious drop-off in the rankings. Arkansas was straight overpowered by Georgia in the first half before making it look respectable in the second. However, I still think this is a dangerous, hungry team. I also think that they should have beaten A&M in Dallas a few weeks back.

8. Texas A&M. Things didn't exactly go as well this time around in Tuscaloosa. At least it wasn't 77-0 though, right?

9. Kentucky. Fun fact: I'm actually moving Kentucky up a spot in the rankings from last week despite getting destroyed by LSU 41-3. Will Muschamp allows for stuff like this to happen, you see. They are 5-2, so this sounds about right.

10. Missouri. The SEC East is just bad football guys. There really is no way to sugarcoat this anymore. Missouri is your favorite to finish 2nd in the East despite playing some of the worst offensive football West of the Mississippi. Yes, I know the East division doesn't make any sense.

11. South Carolina. The Gamecocks shouldn't stay too mad at A&M for that opening Thursday night game. At least the Aggies are being nice and taking the title of worst defense in the SEC from the 'Cocks. Spurrier should send Sumlin a little gift basket.

12. Florida. Will Muschamp is your head football coach.

13. Tennessee. The defense really is playing at a decently high level, but that offensive line is anemic at best. How Justin Worley hasn't died yet is beyond me.

14. Vanderbilt. They didn't lose this week! WOOT!