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Amari Cooper: Records Were Meant to be Broken

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Amari Cooper of the House Saban, the First of His Name, the Burner, King of the Endzone, King of the Cornerbacks and the Safeties and the Linebackers, Owner of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Records, and Father of Defenders.

...and everybody's just chasing.
...and everybody's just chasing.
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We've known it for years.  It's only fitting that there be a written account that verifies our assessment as incontrovertible truth:

Amari Cooper is ridiculous.

Easily one of the best wide receivers to ever wear Crimson (Julio Jones is the only real competition, and for my money, Amari is pretty plainly better as a pure receiver), Coop has been making noise in the SEC for two and a half years now.  This year, he has even managed to sneak into the Heisman conversation, and if he maintains his current pace, will likely be a recipient of a free trip to New York at the very least.

You may have noticed Saturday evening, while Bama was putting the finishing touches on yet another Vol smackdown, that Amari broke Julio Jones' record for receiving yards in a single game.  Impressive, to say the least.

What's more impressive?  The fact that Coop in on track to own every significant receiving record in the Bama record book by the end of the season.  In the face of such an awesome accomplishment, I wanted to compile all of the records of note, and give you all an update on where Amari stands and what he needs to finish rewriting the record book.

First off, here are Amari's stats (as of 10/25/14):

2012 2013 2014 Total
Receptions 58 45 71 174
Yards 999 736 1132 2867
Touchdowns 11 4 9 24

Now let's take a look at the major records, by classification (career, single season, single game):



The current record for career receptions is 194, held by DJ Hall.  With 174 receptions, Amari only needs 21 more to take 1st place.  With four regular season games and a bowl game (absolute minimum), Coop only needs 4.25 receptions per game to hit this mark

Receiving Yards

The current record is 2,923 yards, also held by DJ Hall.  With 2,867 yards, Coop is currently in second place, and he needs 57 yards to be number one.  Somehow, I think he'll manage this feat.


Cooper already owns this record, with 24 career touchdowns.  Every touchdown he catches is a record breaker.

Single Season


The single season receptions record is 78, held by Julio Jones.  Amari is in second place, presently with 71 receptions (in the current season).  He needs 8 more catches this year to own the record.

Receiving Yards

The single season receiving yardage record is 1,133 yards, once again held by Julio Jones.  Coop has 1,132 in the current season.  Two more yards and he'll own this one too.  With a minimum of five games left, Cooper has the chance to put this record well out of reach for future star receivers.


The single season receiving touchdown record is 11 touchdowns, held by Amari Cooper (2012).  With 9 touchdowns right now, Coop will likely dethrone himself and become #1 and #2 in the record book here.

Single Game


The single game receptions record is 13 receptions.  The record was previously solely held by DJ Hall, but Amari tied that record in the second game of the season.

Receiving Yards

The single game receiving yards record was set by Amari this weekend against Tennessee.  Suck it, Vols.


The single game touchdown record is the doorknob of the wide receiver portion of the Bama record book.  The record is three touchdowns, and it is shared by several receivers, including the inimitable Amari Cooper.


So there you have it.  With 21 more receptions and 57 more yards, Coop will own the Bama record book.  Every single category (save for single game receptions and touchdowns) should have Coop listed as a the undisputed, untied #1 receiver.

Take it in, folks.  This is what greatness looks like.


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