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SEC Power Poll Week Ten

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LSU strengthens depth and causes some chaos near the top

Kevin C. Cox

It was a relatively stabilizing Saturday, with nearly all of the favorites taking care of business for the second week in a row. The one exception to that was, of course, Les Miles and the Bayou Bengals. A huge win over Ole Miss in Death Valley Saturday night opened the door wide for Alabama, as the Rebels have now tied Alabama in the loss column in conference play. Ole Miss still has the head-to-head tiebreaker, but now Bama can hope for another Rebel loss or a potential three team tiebreaker scenario to send the Tide to Atlanta. On to the rankings:

1. Mississippi State. This team has a remarkably uncanny resemblance to 2010 Auburn. Stud dual threat quarterback, shifty, bowling ball running back, tons of experience at wide receiver and offensive line, a stout front seven full of talent and experience, annnnd a weak secondary that can be exposed pretty badly.

2. Alabama. I know the Tide lost to Ole Miss head-to-head, but taking the full season into account, and where both teams currently stand, I'm a total homer I like Alabama better. That game in Oxford could have gone either way, with Alabama just making too many mistakes at inopportune times, as well as losing Kenyan Drake and Ryan Kelly during crucial moments in the game. I really think this team is getting ready for an awesome stretch run.

3. Auburn. Gus Malzahn's team just keeps finding ways to win. This time it was the offense's turn to take over, as the defense really struggled to stop South Carolina's offense. Regardless, this week's game against Ole Miss is huge on many levels, let's see how the defense will respond.

4. Ole Miss. Rebel fans won't agree with me at all here I'm sure, but LSU straight big-boyed them. Ole Miss can't run the ball consistently. You can't win championships playing like that, as Florida State will soon find out. Also, the Rebel defense couldn't stop LSU's running attack late in the game, but that's kind of a nitpick considering how great this unit has been as a whole this season. Beat Auburn and I will move them back up to #2, but for now, I'm dropping Ole Miss a few spots.

5. Georgia. Spent the bye week laughing at Florida game film and doing their best Muschamp death stare impressions.

6. LSU. Big time win for this young team. Les Miles doing Les Miles things, man. They have an atrocious passing attack, but watching these guys late, their identity has almost embraced that fact. This is a team that knows who they are and where they can go from here. 2015 will be a big year for LSU.

7. Arkansas. I'm still a believer in Arkansas's overall quality. They can't get the monkey off of their back in SEC play, but they sure do make non-conference games look like Globetrotters performances.

8. Texas A&M. Spent the bye week also laughing at Florida game film. Coach Sumlin's a big believer in laughter being the best medicine.

9. Kentucky. The Wildcats are coming around. Still a young team that will provide plenty of inconsistent performances this season, but hell, they look like the second best team in the East right now.

10. Missouri. The Tigers are now 3-1 in conference play. Has anyone discussed the gap between the West and the East this year? I think I might have heard something about it somewhere.

11. South Carolina. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12. Tennessee. The Vols showed some fight against Alabama, and Josh Dobbs certainly looked like the future of the Tennessee program. So he will more than likely follow that up with a hilariously incompetent performance against South Carolina.

13. Florida. Spent the bye week crying at Florida game film.

14. Vanderbilt. How many different ways can one explain how terrible this team is?