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College Football Morning Thread: Week 6

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Katy Perry ESPN Gameday At The Grove
Katy Perry ESPN Gameday At The Grove

Sorry, folks. We got a late start this morning on this beautiful October morning. It's a shame to be inside all day watching some awesome college football games. It is days like today that make CFB unlike any other sport.

Entering into Thursday evening, there were 15 undefeated teams. Two have already been knocked off and many more are sure to follow including two teams in the Magnolia state.

Texas A&M 31 Mississippi State 48 - F, ESPNESPN

Tennessee 9 Florida 10 - F, SEC Network

Ohio State 52 Maryland 24 - F, ABCABC

Iowa State 20 Oklahoma State 37 - F
SMU 24 East Carolina 45 - F
Marshall at Old Dominion - some local channels like myTV
Ball State at Army - CBS Sports Network
Virginia Tech at North Carolina - ESPN3