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The Jumbo Package │11.10.14

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama coach Nick Saban defends LSU coach Les Miles after Tide's victory |

On Miles' decision to settle for the field goal instead of going for the touchdown: "That's what I would have done. Why, wouldn't you? You can be critical now. But I bet you there was not anybody who was critical when they were ahead 13-10. Everybody was probably really happy that they kicked the field goal. Now that they lost the game everybody is going to criticize. What if you go for a touchdown and get an interception? Everybody will sit around and say, 'Why didn't you kick a field goal?'

"The difference between what you all (media) have to do and what we have to do and what Les Miles has to do is our decisions are final. And we have to live with the consequences. Everybody else gets to second-guess everything we do. And everything we do that doesn't work is a bad decision. Simple as that.''

After the 15 yard penalty, it made sense for LSU to play for the FG. You've got a solid kicker and a defense that has held Bama's offense to virtually nothing the entire 2nd half. So yeah, Saban and Les are right and the media is wrong.

SEC won't win any style points this season - ESPN

Unless we see a Texas A&M-South Carolina performance during the final stretch, the country is just going to have to accept that the SEC is just a rugged, gruff league with clumps of dirt on its face and a tattered wardrobe. Routs of the Oregon and TCU variety just aren't likely. That is not to say that the conference champion won't get in to the College Football Playoff -- unless it's one of the more homely looking teams from the East -- but anyone waiting for an SEC team to wow us in every phase of the game against a league foe should stop wasting his or her time. Teams are too busy pounding each other, and leaving the door open for a chaotic scenario featuring four two-loss teams.

There isn't a team in the entire country that will wow you in every facet of the game, so this isn't an SEC issue. And here's the thing, if you call yourself a football fan, and you didn't absolutely love watching Bama-LSU on Saturday night, there is something seriously wrong with you. That was a throwback game to the days when football was really football and I loved every moment. If you don't like power running games and great defense, go watch Auburn or Oregon or something...

Les Miles thanks Nick Saban for sending condolences after his mo - ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News

"Well, you know it hit me because I was with my mother at Tennessee, and they came in and told me so...God bless ya' man," Saban told Miles before patting him on the arm. Miles, after expressing his gratitude for Saban's comment, then told his LSU predecessor about his new heavenly supporter. "She's sitting up there watching," Miles said."We got another rooter upstairs, I just want you to know."

LSU coach Les Miles: 'That penalty changed the complexion of the game' |

"I am going to want to look at the personal foul (unsportsmanlike conduct) down on the goal line before I comment," Miles said in his opening address. "If one of my guys did that, I am going to tell him and I'm going to be up front. That's not what I am told so I'm going to have to investigate because that penalty changed the complexion of the game. If we don't get the 15-yard penalty there, we are on the 5 or 7-yard line.

Good call or bad call? I'm somewhere in the middle here. I didn't think the push was worthy of a 15 yard penalty but we have no way of knowing how many warnings these guys have gotten over the course of four quarters. Maybe the ref and just told them to quit the pushing and threatened to throw the flag if they did it again?

Though what's an Alabama-LSU game without the some controversy that leaves the BR faithful whining and complaining about bad calls and a Bama bias?

Kickoff time, TV announced for Alabama's game vs. No. 1 Mississippi State |

Alabama will take on No. 1 Mississippi State at 2:30 p.m. Saturday and CBS will carry the broadcast from Bryant-Denny Stadium, the network announced early Sunday. It had previously exercised its six-day option to determine whether it would pick the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs or Auburn-Georgia

Alabama opens as a betting favorite vs. No. 1 Mississippi State |

The Crimson Tide opened Sunday as a 6.5-point favorite over Mississippi State, according to It's the 64th straight game in which Alabama has been a betting favorite, a streak that dates back to the 2009 SEC Championship.

Oh, MSU, even when you're #1 you are still #2 in the minds of everyone else..

College Football Rankings: Mississippi St. Still No. 1 as Auburn Falls in the Polls - Team Speed Kills

Mississippi State nets three first-place votes against Florida State in the AP poll, becoming even more entrenched in the top spot, while the Seminoles lose a first-place vote in the coaches poll to both Mississippi State and -- Oregon, because reasons. Auburn, meanwhile, drops from No. 3 to No. 9 in both surveys. Alabama moves up a spot in the coaches poll and stays put in the AP.

Alabama film review: A second-by-second account of season-saving drive with insight from players |

-- Third-and-4, LSU 48 (:21):

This was now or never territory. Alabama hadn't hit a play longer than six yards so far in the drive, but the starting field position helped. The situation was a little more dire when Sims didn't find his first option and had to roll out. The quarterback was on his own 45 when he threw the pass with 17 seconds on the clock. Christion Jones caught it right on the numbers of the 25 yard line. Tiger safety Jalen Mills said it should have been incomplete, but Alabama's lack of timeouts and a catch in the middle of the field brought the entire offense to the line for the quick spike. There was no time for a review on the longest span between snaps of the drive, a whole eight seconds.

"Those type of catches are really tough because they could just slip through your hands and hit the turf," Cooper said. "But he caught the ball and I was really proud of him."

I still haven't seen a gif or video of this play that shows without any doubt the ball hit the turf...though that won't stop LSU fans from saying they are 10000% sure it hit the ground..

Topics for Discussion: Who Makes the Playoff? Who Makes a Bowl? Who Deserves More Buzz? - Team Speed Kills

How do you like us now? Texas A&M and LSU are both sitting at 7-3, 3-3 SEC, after strong performances over the weekend, and both of them have taken an interesting route. There was the early-season swing that made A&M look so good, until South Carolina's ranking turned out to be a mirage and the three-game losing streak began. Then, the Aggies went and upset Auburn. LSU looked decent until they lost to Mississippi State and got thrashed by Auburn -- before going on to beat Ole Miss and come close to upsetting Alabama. So what are we to make of either of these teams? Are they good, merely decent or a little bit of both?

Texas A&M's Julien Obioha 'not going to say' who recovered Auburn's goal-line fumble |

"A lot of stuff happens at the bottom of a pile," Obioha said. "I'm not going to say who exactly had possession of it, but when it's all said and done I ran out with the ball and we had so possession. So, yes, I did get the fumble."

It's OK Julien, your secret is safe with us. #REC