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Alabama Running Back Success Rate: Game 9

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That happened.

Chris Graythen

What. A. Game. Two old school SEC teams throwing themselves at each other for five quarters of football in a complete battle of wills. There's nothing to say about this game that hasn't already been said. Personally, I'm still processing that it actually happened. So let's get on to the numbers.

To all those that have forgotten (bye week blues), the success rate measures the frequency at which a running back has a "successful" run. A "successful" run is when a running gains 40% of the remaining yardage on first down, 60% on second down, and 100% on third and fourth down.

School Player Carries Successful Carries Yards Yards per Carry Success Rate
Alabama T.J. Yeldon 15 8 68 4.5 53.3%
Alabama Derrick Henry 8 3 24 3.0 37.5%
Auburn Cameron Artis-Payne 30 20 221 7.4 66.7%
Florida Matt Jones 17 8 82 4.8 47.1%
Florida Kelvin Taylor 13 7 55 4.2 53.8%
Georgia Nick Chubb 13 9 170 13.1 69.2%
Georgia Sony Michel 16 11 84 5.3 68.8%
Kentucky Stanley Williams 10 7 100 10.0 70.0%
Kentucky Braylon Heard 13 8 36 2.8 61.5%
LSU Leonard Fournette 21 8 79 3.8 38.1%
LSU Terrence Magee 12 3 29 2.4 25.0%
Ole Miss Jordan Wilkins 10 8 171 17.1 80.0%
Ole Miss Eugene Brazley 10 8 45 4.5 80.0%
Texas A&M Brandon Williams 12 5 68 5.7 41.7%
Texas A&M Trey Williams 10 5 64 6.4 50.0%
Vanderbilt Ralph Webb 16 7 83 5.2


T.J. Yeldon had 4.5 YPC at a 53.3% success clip. So why did it feel like her didn't play well, fumble aside? Oh, because he got 15 carries in a game where the starting quarterback was obviously struggling. Example: late in the first quarter, Alabama had a 2nd and 1. Instead of calling a running play to call down Blake Sims, Lane Kiffin called a rollout pass where Sims was immediately dropped for a nine-yard loss. Mr. Kiffin, you called a great final drive and overtime session, but please: give your running backs the ball. Good things happen when you do.


1) Cameron Artis-Payne, although he was going up against the Aggie defense, played the game of his life on Saturday. To get your number called as much as he did in a game of that magnitude and still put up those numbers is absurd. Yes, you might wear that dastardly combination of orange and blue, but I will applaud a performance like yours any day of the week, provided it isn't against Alabama. Just don't do this on November 29th and we're good.

2) Hey, look, Texas A&M decided to run the ball a little bit. I'm not saying that Kevin Sumlin needs to call 40 runs a game, but if his team wants to carry any type of momentum into bowl season, he should continue to call games like he did in Jordan-Hare on Saturday. Enough runs to keep the defense honest is really the perfect strategy for this team, and with a rejuvenated offense under Kyle Allen, they could really do some damage over the last month of the season.

3) RALPH WEBB UPDATE: playing so good, feeling so sad.

Folks, here we are. Three weeks left in the season, with every preseason goal still in front of this team. The Number 1 team in the nation comes in Bryant-Denny on Saturday. Their quarterback will, in all likelihood, be a Heisman finalist. This is the best team they have ever fielded. Win, and there remains one final hurdle for this team to clear to get to Atlanta. Lose, and every preseason goal is thrown out of the window. So, Bama Nation, what are we going to do?