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SEC Power Poll Week Twelve

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Things are starting to fall into place in the SEC

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

A big day for the state of Alabama (read: not Auburn) headlined what was otherwise a pretty mild day in the SEC. With two weeks worth of November Saturdays in the books, things are really starting to come together in the conference, and it's making my job a lot easier.

1. Mississippi State. A glorified scrimmage for the Bulldogs led to a result everyone expected: a lopsided snoozer. I wonder if State will bring out their "We Believe" campaign again?

2. Alabama. The Crimson Tide dug deep and put on a Championship Drive that likened back to the 2009 Iron Bowl and the 2012 LSU game, once again shattering the hearts of the LSU faithful. Huge props to Blake Sims for stepping up in an enormous way on those last two drives. Also, it was highly encouraging to see DeAndrew White, O.J. Howard, and Christion Jones come to life on those last two drives as well. Outstanding effort for this football team.

3. Auburn. The small, rural state of Lee County was handed a large dose of #karma, as the Tigers out-classed the Aggies overall, but eventually succumbed to horrible bounce-of-the-ball luck. It will be tough for Auburn to find many sympathizers, however. Malzahn's team is still easily one of the best teams in the SEC, but the defense looked pretty miserable for the entirety of the first half against A&M.

4. LSU. Extremely good defense, stout run game, awful quarterback. Just what Les Miles wants in a football team. This team will be very good next season, and is clearly the best 3 loss team in the country.

5. Ole Miss. Similar to their in-state rivals, the Rebels had a nice scrimmage with some hapless team that took that big Ole Miss check with a large grin on their faces. After two heartbreaking losses, the Rebels needed a nice victory though.

6. Georgia. This Bulldog team is peak SEC East. Stunning loss to zombie Muschamp followed up by an offensive performance that would make Baylor blush against a team that nearly beat the Gators in Gainesville. If this team is on, look out. Anti-SEC people will have a good chaos-causing option to root for if the Dawgs make it to Atlanta.

7. Texas A&M. The Aggies finally found their Mojo again in Jordan-Hare, as the Tigers gave A&M life by spotting them 14 points to start the game. The defense is still bad and should feel bad, but the offense at least looks like a Kevin Sumlin-led A&M offense again, which makes this a dangerous team to play.

8. Missouri. [Insert bad bye week joke here.]

9. Arkansas. *Yawn*

10. Florida. Beat a terrible Vanderbilt team the way a decent team is supposed to. Two consecutive weeks of solid offensive output against SEC opponents is a huge step forward for this team.

11. Tennessee. You can't make this bye week nonsense up, honestly.

12. Kentucky. People are really starting to jump off the Wildcat bandwagon, but honestly, they are who we thought they were: A young, but pretty talented team that can't yet match-up to most SEC opponents. If they can grab a win against either Tennessee or Louisville, these guys are headed to a bowl game. That would be a big step forward for this program.

13. South Carolina. More byes this week than an N'Sync song.

14. Vanderbilt. Hey, these guys played a real game this week, so they get a few bonus points in this week's rankings. That adds it up to, let's see...carry the one...14th!