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Alabama Football Sunday Morning Hangover: How You Like Me Now?

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The Crimson Tide defeats top-ranked Mississippi State 25-20.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Last Tuesday, the College Football Playoff Committee (CFPC) released their third rankings with TCU leapfrogging Alabama into number four. Emoji

On Saturday, #4 TCU struggled to put punching bag Kansas (3-7) away 34-30. Meanwhile, Alabama defeated the top ranked Mississippi State 25-20. The Bulldogs scored a late touchdown that made the score look a little closer.

Without a doubt, Bama moves into the top 4 but how high will they go? #2 Oregon had a bye and #3 Florida State putzed around with Miami (6-4) before finally putting them away 30-26. Further damaging their résumé, the Seminoles' most impressive win this season came against Notre Dame (7-3) who lost to lowly Northwestern (4-6) on Saturday 43-40.

Arizona State was #6 but lost to Oregon State. #7 Baylor had a bye. #8 Ohio State won at Minnesota 31-24. #9 Auburn got stomped by Georgia.

Truth be told, Bama just has to keep on winning:

Sat, Nov 22 vs. Western Carolina (3pm CT / 4pm ET, SEC Network)

Sat, Nov 29 vs. Auburn (6:45pm CT / 7:45pm ET, ESPN)