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CFP Rankings Unveiling | Open Thread

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No, they don't matter. Yes, we still want to talk about it.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Tonight, on the weekly ESPN CFP rankings show, Bama will make its first appearance in the college football playoff  top four.  While it's pretty much guaranteed that Bama will land somewhere between #1 and #3, the truth is, the rankings still don't matter.

Absolutely nothing has changed for Bama since the inaugural rankings came out a month ago.  The path is still crystal clear - win and you're in, lose and you're out.  So while it will be entertaining to see Bama's name up in the big four for the first time, don't get too worked up about where we land.

Instead, the big story tonight (unless FSU drops again to #3, which would garner some attention) will probably be where Mississippi State lands.  If they are outside of the top four tonight, I think they are going to need a lot of help to get back into the playoff discussion.  Even if they're in the top 4 tonight, there are a lot of likely-soon-to-be conference champions right there on the margin that will be poised to jump in.  If MSU is outside looking in tonight, that may be all she wrote for ol' Bully.

In addition to talking about the rankings when they come out, let's take a shot at predicting what they'll look like ahead of time.

My predicted rankings (top 10 only, because child please):

1.  Oregon
2.  Alabama
3.  Florida State
4.  Baylor
5.  Miss St
6.  Ohio State
7. TCU
8. Ole Miss
10. Georgia