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SEC Power Poll Week Thirteen

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The king returns to his throne

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Week Twelve of the college football season gave us quite a few entertaining match-ups in the SEC. It also, however, muddied things up a little bit with the conference pecking order. However, the biggest development happened in none other than Tuscaloosa, with the Crimson Tide knocking off unbeaten #1 Mississippi State, who had been the undisputed number one team in the SEC Power Rankings for far too many weeks.

1. Alabama. It's good to be back at the top, everybody. The Crimson Tide have used stifling defense, great punting, efficient and timely offense, and a renewed enthusiasm to make the climb back to the top of the SEC.

2. Mississippi State. The Bulldogs are a very good football team, but the inexperience in games of a grandeur scale was on display on Saturday. Alabama just made more plays when it mattered. This is still an amazing season for Bulldog fans, and they aren't out of the running for a SEC or National Title yet.

3. Ole Miss. The Rebels continue to take advantage of other team's struggles, and now they find themselves in a decent position. The Rebs clearly have the best 2-loss resume in the country, and the Playoffs aren't totally out of the question. There would have to be some 2007-like results for that to happen, but it's in play.

4. Georgia. I've been saying this for weeks so I will continue to beat the drum here: the Dawgs are the biggest wild card in college football. They are capable of drubbing Auburn in Athens or losing horribly to a mediocre Florida team. Pull hard for Missouri if you want to guarantee that the SEC has a representative in the Playoff, because Georgia is a scary team in Atlanta.

5. Auburn. The Tigers are in the classic fall-short-of-expectations-and-mail-it-in spot right now. Georgia's ceiling is very high, no doubt, but Auburn's offense just didn't look right on Saturday. The defense continues to play poorly as well, which certainly doesn't help.

6. LSU. Another team who followed up a heartbreaking loss with a no-show from the offense. You could see this upset to Arkansas coming from a mile away with a young LSU team playing a hungry Razorback club.

7. Arkansas. We've been saying it all along: the Razorbacks were going to get somebody. Thanks for taking the grenade Les, you are a good man.

8. Missouri. Mizzou keeps on keeping on, but we haven't forgotten about that loss to Indiana guys. The defense is playing lights-out, and the offense showed some serious life against the Aggies.

9. Texas A&M. Nothing cures one's ails quite like playing against A&M's defense. The Aggies are going to have to address that side of the ball eventually, but hey, at least the offense is back to playing solid football.

10. Tennessee. The Vols stomped Kentucky decisively. I haven't seen Tennessee play that kind of football in quite some time. I'm buying up all kinds of stock on these guys in 2015.

11. South Carolina. How fitting is it that the Ole Ball Coach got to hand Muschamp the pink-slip? It has been a season of major slip-ups late in games, but the Gamecocks finally made all the clutch plays down the stretch for a change.

12. Florida. Muschamp's zombie is finally dead, despite Mark Richt's best efforts to keep it alive. His brand of football was just never the right fit in Gainesville. That Georgia outcome has got to be the upset of the year in the SEC, just ahead of A&M-Auburn.

13. Kentucky. The young and restless Wildcats seem to have thrown in the towel for this year. This program is on the right track, but the roster just needs more maturity to be able to overcome the adversity that teams face during the year.

14. Vanderbilt. A bye week means that the Dores didn't lose this past weekend, and that is a win in itself for Vandy fans this year.